Adult Football League 1 (AFL1) 2018


Castleknock postponed game vs Plunketts has been fixed for Saturday evening instead of the crokes game.


No ref turned up for Castleknock v Plunketts again.
Game wasn’t played.


I heard Anthony Nolan was down to ref. Must be in the boot of some car :wink:


Multitude of questions to be asked why a Ref at this level fails to show.

  1. Did the home team contact the Ref to confirm availability?
  2. Did the Ref get the County Board notice?
  3. Why are Ref’s not turning up for this level of football?

I’m sure I’ve missed something

  1. No
  2. No
  3. see answer 2.


Played tonight

Ballymun 1_14 Castleknock 0_17


Jude’s beat ballyboden tonight 1-15 to 1-12. Feisty match that saw Keaney and Sweeney get red cards with another 5/6 booked. Jude’s led 1-10 to 8 after 45 minutes and as the game entered injury time Boden led 1-11 to 1-10. The ref played 12(twelve) minutes injury time …from where I’m sure nobody knows… And Jude’s outscored Boden 5-1. Championship feel to the game …pacy…hard hitting


Straight reds?


Ye both straight reds. There was definitely a load of injury time, Judes had 3 down early in second half, and another for a few minutes before the boden penalty… lets not also forget the little malee as well that resulted in the 2 reds so time for that … a lot of subs too, sure your average intercounty game these days gets 6/7minutes as it is… it was great game !


Sounds like a cracker


Brigid’s 1.16 Boden 3.11


Plunketts beat Castleknock handy enough


Are Castleknock relegated now?


Yea Castleknock relegated now.


Quite a fall from a little less than two years ago. What happened?


Probably over achieved considerably

Will still be a proposition with Ciaran back, but if you’re set up so defensively, your forwards need to be top drawer


New manager this year too I think. Lar Norton from last few years is managing the Na Fianna Minors. I’d still fancy Castleknock to get to the last 4 in SFC.


Not if they use CK as a sweeper.


Disappointing alright. First time in the 20 year history that the first team has been relegated. Havent seen or heard too much but I believe alot of lads travelling and J1’s which I am sure didnt help


Not great to drop down but have to use Division 2 to bring our own lads younger lads forward.
Still a very young team.
A new manager will have a good chance at promotion back into AFL1 next year