Adult Football League 1 (AFL1) 2018


Still playing??? Dont think he has played in over 20 years!


Thought he might play with your team


Good win for OPER v Ballymun last night - score on twitter was 2-14 to 0-10


What is the story with BK in the league this year? I know having no Dublin lads with the amount they have on the panel is a major hindrance but would have still thought theyd have enough to be up the right end of the table.


Looked to have a very young side out last night. No doubt will reap the rewards in years to come. Plus its hard when your 6/7 best players aren’t there!


Probably have 1or2 in the states aswell


Even harder when you pick up three red cards …


Karl Connolly still playing with Ballymun?


3 straight reds? Big boost for CK who have them next and badly need points.


No, 1 straight red and 2 for 2 yellow cards


Corrigan scored an own goal per the report too…:nerd_face:


Who got the straight red do you know?


Full back as far as I know


I thought they must be playing St Marys next … :wink:

Unusual to see D Byrne get red …


That’s a pretty tame report from what I hear


Aye maybe … but I don’t think you’re gonna get much else from the official Dublin GAA website!


Castleknock 2.13 Ballyboden 3.19


Balinteer 2-18 Olafs 1-14


Vins beat Maurs by five.


Lucan 0-7 Davis 0-13