Adult Football League 1 (AFL1) 2018


Outsiders? Couldn’t be if it’s Sylvesters :grin:


Ed and James are the only two non Malahide lads playing senior for Syls at the moment. They are cousins of Micheal McCarthy and would have spent a lot of time in Malahide as kids. They would be mates with a lot of the players and while they may not be home grown but we don’t consider them outsiders.


Not this again, lets face it, most teams arent made up of 25 lads, that all were born within the parish boundries.


Ah lads it was a joke. The sun is shining and all is well. Chill.

I know Michael’s parents well enough, good Kerry folk.


Is Michael’s Dad, Pat a musician?


Not sure, rings a bell though. Would know them through football.


Yeah think his name was Ed. Wouldn’t be mobile but some really class touches.


James Walsh played league game for Kerry against Dublin around 2013. Think Ed has All Ireland junior medal playing for kerry.


Correct, managed us for a few years around 2001/2002. Dont think he managed again after that, we must have broke him! Think he was getting into the music more than the GAA. Have had him play a few times in the Harps in the last few years


Thats him so. Nice fella. Didnt know he done a bit coaching.


:joy::joy::joy: ‘Spent alot of time there as kids’



Well now that I think of it, he was the manager when we got relegated to Div 3 :joy::joy:


Must have thought the music was more lucrative…and less painfull :joy:


Had to be better craic than listening to us moaney shower of fooks anyway!


Mick Fanning still involved in Harps at any level Harper? Blast from the past!


Just walks around like he owns the place…

Howya mick :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:



From what I hear from out of there, If he did they wouldn’t be in the mess they are in(hear it’s going backwards) any truth ? . Highly respected around Dublin club scene.


OK then Mick :joy:


Definitely not Mick. Just have met him a few times and I presume you know what tongue in cheek means. Not still playing is he ?