Adult Football League 1 (AFL1) 2018


Actually, come to think of it, does anybody have a full account, or close to it of which Dublin footballers didn’t play yesterday?


Connolly and Carty both played for Vincent’s against us yesterday.


Who’s managing Boden this year?


Anthony Rainbow I believe


Cue the pots of gold jokes.


Are Sheedy and Curren still with Sylvesters and Plunketts




Great win for Jude’s see they got a few new players really strong outfit . Surprised at Na fianna though ware they missing players


Cooper played, as did Byrne, McHugh and Glenn O’Reilly I think so they were near full strength. Probably missing Murchan as didn’t see him mentioned. Judes going well, have seen them a few times over past 12 months and think they’re a very good side, just maybe one or two scores short of winning those Championship semi-finals, finals, but maybe this year, very consistent outfit.


17 points in first league game in conditions impressive


Basquel was injured for Boden,. MDMA came on at half time.


Was he??? I thought I saw him playing… Lamps must be going!


His brother Ryan was centre forward.


Do they look alike??


They don’t actually!


Basquel definitely didn’t play, was talking to him after the game, he said he took a knock to the head playing for Dublin and was told to rest.


Its not impossible to get them mixed up in fairness, they also have a similar type of football style


if the na fianna keeper had hands to match his lungs he’d replace Cluxton. Deegan played for them also i thought… in fairness those conditions dont suit na fianna at all



Any big changes on the managerial front. Whose in charge at Olafs & Judes