Adult Football League 1 (AFL1) 2018


Poor result for Vins … :smirk:


Good run out for the young lads :wink:


Jude’s beat castleknock by 10.
CK looking likely for the drop with games still against Crokes, Boden, ballymun and fianna.


I must have attended a different game . Better team won and probably would have no matter who reffed . But he was shocking


Were any of your Dublin lads playing? :wink:



Sure isn’t Dermo away on holidays?


Plunketts beat Brigids by 1. Think it was 11-10.


Both Smalls’ played for the Mun. Are they not on the Dublin panel anymore?


John was serving a suspension this weekend .


I never remember this… is it points difference or head to head for relegation/playoffs etc?


Head to head if two teams are level.

Points difference for 3 or more but only in the games between those teams. If any of those teams gave one of the other teams a walkover they are deems to be the bottom team.

Adult Football League 3 (AFL3) 2018

Remind me (i think it’s been discussed before, so apologies)…but say there is a three team tie at the top (or bottom) of a league. Say the three teams are Crokes, Vins and Boden. Crokes beat both Vins and Boden by a point and Boden beat Vins by 10.

Do Crokes win the league by virtue of their 4 pts in the mini-league…or do Boden win by virtue of their +9 score difference…if it’s the later its a disgrace of the highest order…

Adult Football League 3 (AFL3) 2018

I think it is the later - I brought this up in another thread recently where a team can win head to head over both teams that they finish tied with but still not get promoted, or stay up, or win the league or whatever the tie is for!
It is very cruel and I would think that if it ever happens it will be changed after that event - but don’t think it has happened yet! Definitely nothing high profile that I am aware of!


Happened last year in div 2 to Pats Donabate where they ended up being relegated on the back of it.


Completely missed that so!
Surprised Pats didn’t put in a motion to have it changed so (even though it would not have changed that outcome)


Sometimes you look at a way of doing things and say “I disagree with that approach, but i see your logic (however flawed in my view)”…

In this instance it is flat out stupidity…there is no logical reason why it would be the latter over the former…or at least I cant figure one out!!

Anyone care to venture some rationale for this, based on fairness and in the interest of decent competition???

Crazy stuff altogether.


Its the later in your scenario.

The reason the mini table between the teams that are tied together was brought in was to prevent the outcome of the placings being effected by walkovers. If the placings were based on score difference from the whole league and one of the teams, say at the top, got a walkover from a team at the bottom, their score difference can’t be calculated and play-offs to determine positions were needed.


The reason for bringing in the “mini-league table” scenario is sound, I get it…but that is not the point being made/argued.

I await some enlightening as to why the mini-table isn’t just that…take the results of the games between the teams involved and use normal league table logic to rank them…
points (in those games),
then score diff (in those games)…
and then (although not likely to be required), could even go to third factor being points scored (if previous two were deadlocked).

No logic in the current method, as my above example proves…


Absolutely no logic.
It’s just simply a stupid mistake. It should be mini league between the 3+ teams involved. Points, then points difference to decide. But they skipped the points bit. It’ll take a big team losing out by it for any changes to come.