Adult Football League 1 (AFL1) 2018


Sorry Alan I asked a question about Paul Hudson and the conversation has gone extremely off topic.




What about my dog?


Game over


Lie with dogs and you get fleas Mr long tail!


His FB name ?


Dublin minor years ago…prob 2001…hasn’t grown much since but unbelievable engine … Duracell bunny in spades.


Meant 2011


Ike and Longtail are my 2 dogs so I used it as a username because I don’t post much on facebook.


Games starting to be refixed from Sunday morning - I’d say a lot more will be too


3 so far in AFL1 moved from Sunday morning:

Friday evening 13/7
19:30 Ballinteer St Johns - vs - Kilmacud Crokes
20:00 St Sylvesters - vs - Ballymun Kickhams

Saturday morning 14/7
10:30 Lucan Sarsfields - vs - Naomh Olaf


Balinteer match tonight been played on the all-weather pitch at Balinteer Community School if anyone is going to it


leave a bit of extra travel time for yourself if you’re reffing with Longitude on. you might struggle to find parking


I’ve been promised a parking spot at the school - sure they can’t start without me!


Would it be true to say that all-weather pitches currently have more give in them right now than most natural grass pitches, given the lack of rain?


Good AW certainly would be better than grass at moment…some of the older/poor quality ones would need Biblical rain …


Sylvesters beat Ballymun by 1 tonite.


Balinteer 2-13 Kilmacud 2-15


Maurs 1_15
Davis 1_10

Ref let the game flow, was good throughout


Vins and Na Fianna drew.