Adult Football League 1 (AFL1) 2018


Vins 16, Boden 14, Crokes 13, Brigids 9. Na F also on 9 but not updated for this evening. If they beat Lucan they would be on 11.That’s your top 5. Not all results reflected yet in the league table on


Thanks AOC


Na Fianna lost 2-11 to 0-13


They won’t be until all official match reports are received. Hill16 website/ Dublingaa site relies on home team text, versus score recorded on ref report which we know is gospel.


Great win for Lucan and a much needed 2 points with the league been so tight. This will really go down to the wire to stay up. No whipping boys this year, every team well able to pick up points on their day


Davis in 4th on 9 but so tight at the moment, a loss in next game and you good be down near relagation


Who the small stocky lads no 14 for Thomas Davis? Plays a roving role. Good player.


Adam Fallon, great little player, always played his football as a corner back, some engine



A good link man and a hardy soldier. Seen him against Plunketts and Castleknock the other night.


Is Hudson gone for the year?


The river? Is there a drought Stateside too? :sunglasses:


He went last summer no word on when he will be back huge loss


Gives us your address and we can see if he can pop into you .


Its been pretty humid the last week would say :sweat:


1600 Pennsylvania Ave


So you’ve a free gaff for the weekend ?




Well Trump is over in UK, so Party in your house…


Can people please stop fucking up threads with this bollocks please.