Adult Football League 1 (AFL1) 2018


I see ye have signed up Roscommon player Paddy Brogan. Was he playing tonight?


Balinteer 1-8 Ballyboden 0-16 Colm Basquel played


No Costello for Whitehall tonight and neither did the two boys play for us.


Not tonight. Still involved with his home club in some capacity


Did anyone make contact with him beforehand to make sure he was available?


Did rian McBride tog? Had heard he’s joined football panel. I think he was Dublin minor footballer before switching focus to hurling.


Didn’t see him. Haven’t seen him kick a ball in years. Would be a very strange decision.


Why is onus on clubs to check with refs. Can refs not look at website themselves and see what games they are down for and revert to clubs if there is an issue. Could never understand why it was up to the club


As far as I’m aware refs are sent an email or a text about when their reffing a game.


I do agree refs should check the website to see if they have any games - that’s what I do regularly, We do also get a text saying what games we are appointed to ref, I am guessing he probably never got the text and assumed he had no game yesterday.
Generally I got contacted 99% from the home manager for any games I am reffing from U13 up to Senior. In the ladies, the onus is on the home team to contact the ref to make sure he/she is available for the appointed game. I think to save the likes of what happened last night happening again, the home manager should send the appointed ref a text confirming his availability.


Comerford would hardly have been released if Cluxton was a doubt fir the Donegal game, you’d imagine?


Well is it better to make a phone call or just say fcuk it and have forty lads standing around in a field with no game?

The appointed ref is wholly unlikely to have simply missed the appointment. There was obviously an issue. If home team had checked the problem could have been solved.


I don’t disagree just wondered why a ref wasn’t expected to look for his own fixtures like the 2 clubs do and then confirm back if they couldn’t make it


Of course the ref checks the fixture. And then he tells the CCC he’s away. Then something gets lost in the mix and there’s no replacement appointed. A call to the original ref would have solved the issue.

Never mentored a single game, school or club, without confirming the ref and consequently never once mentored a game without a neutral ref. We’re all supposed to be in this together!


The onus is on both clubs in ladies not just the home club


Refs up to this season use to have the match report posted to them which served as notification. This practice is being phased out as there is now an opt in option for refs to return match report by email rather than post hence notifications not being posted. Too many games are changed by clubs either venue, date, time or all of the above to rely on the website. Personally as a mentor I don’t have any issue with contacting a ref to prior to a game nor have I ever had a ref complain that I called called or text him to confirm a game. At the end of the day everyone wants the game to go ahead.


Never seen a neutral ref for a school game !
Always local to the home school . Nearly always a club member with most of the team !


I never used a Vincents ref for school games. Even for away games we rarely came across what you’re describing.


Was the game played in south east Asia?


Dubs v Donegal confirmed for Sat 14th 7pm.
I assume all scheduled games will be off for afl1 to afl4.
Any idea of when they might reschedule for.