Adult Football League 1 (AFL1) 2018


Any county players playing tonight?


Not for us.

We beat Lucan 2-11 to 1-6


Crokes 4-12 Maurs 2-5


Good to see Mun ease relegation fears.




6 starters missing with the Dubs and another hat-full injured, very difficult year for us. All having knock on effects to our inters, juniors etc. Some terrific efforts being made by all the managers and teams to keep all afloat. It will be quite a feat if we maintain our league status in our top 3 teams. 2 good results tonight too.


Yep - fair play. Tough times for ye.


Tough times?..just wait til the metro gets out to Mun.


Via Finglas Rd … :wink:


Seems like a tight Division so far this year, Surprise to see likes of Ballymun and Plunketts down there?

Will league likely finish as scheduled end of August or will county delay?


The last league round of games on 25th has been postponed due to the popes visit. Clubs may also claim regulation 8 for the last two games if the Dubs are still involved in inter county action.


Are you serious? That is a joke if true, hard to see how they couldnt be played


Watched TD and Plunketts yesterday and Plunketts were very poor. They didn’t score in first half albeit against a strong wind.


Was thinking the same initially, but on reflection, after a few prayers, I realised that cancelling games for the Pope’s visit is probably a bit of an academic question as most of the AFL1 games would be cancelled anyway because of the 2 match rule.

The Pope is saying mass in Croker at 7.30pm, so everywhere between Phoenix Park and Croker, and probably a lot more besides, will be in total lockdown, so not the evening to be travelling around Dublin.


We have a good few injuries to senior players and 6 lads down with Dublin that we rarely see. The knock on effect also sees our inters and juniors struggling to achieve the form we know that can. As much as we all feel tremendous pride having so many lads with the Dubs, it really is a killer for us in the league campaigns and the early stages of championship.


Yeah they were very disappointing. Counted just 4 subs on the line(?) too.

Davis have some flyers, young team and hopefully capable of making waves in the next few years.


They hadn’t much on line.
TD looked decent. Thought could have been more direct when they had the wind in first half. Who managing them? Was Shane McGrath injured? Didn’t see him playing last night.


TD were at this tactic against Plunketts last night anytime keeper putting the ball on tee.


McGrath just had an operation and Hudson moved to america


Mc Grath out injured for a good while. Apparently also missing Farrelly and Paul Hudson is in America for at least a year.thats prob their 3 best forwards over the last 5 years. Plunketts must have been poor.