Adult Football League 1 (AFL1) 2018


Loads of games now riddles with this. It’s awful and I don’t know how it isn’t off putting for the players who are shouting it. Same goes for the “wide wide” shouts on frees/45s.


Seen it a good few times. Sidelines seem to be as bad as players. Just have to hope refs are strong enough not to fall for it



Worse is the shouting Black Card for fouls that are not the specific BC criteria…it’s as ignorant as calling handball as far as I’m concerned.


Must say ref was brilliant in this game, let hard hits go, which made for a good fast pace physical game


He certainly let a lot go, that other referees may have pulled. Not a dirty game by any means, both teams went at it some fine scores by both sides. The pace was relentless, a lot of lads blowing hard towards the end. I thought this won it for Na F as the Davis lads seemed to flag a bit in the last 10 mins or so. A very entertaining game to watch for the spectator in ideal conditions.


Anyone got full list of results not up on hill yet


@RnnMacLochlain on Twitter is best place for results. He has 90% of results up shortly after all matches are finished.


Good man thanks


Lucan 2-17 Ballyboden 1-19


Olafs 1-9 Crokes 3-19


Syls 1-14 Castleknock 0-07


Would guess the How Long was Cuala? It seems to be a tactic for all teams there.


I get in most matches to be honest and the keeper hasn’t even put the ball down on the tee a lot of the times. Very annoying!


A bit like calling for offside in soccer-ball…


TD 1-13 Plunketts 0-6


NF 4-15 N. Olaf 1-10


Castleknock 2-10 Cuala 3-4


Boden 0-15 Vinnies 1-10


Good results for a lot of teams at the bottom tonight… 11 teams now in the relegation battle… According to my calculations we have:
Maurs on 4
Knock,Davis,Brigids and Plunkett on 5
Olafs,Syls,Johns and Judes on 6
Lucan and Mun on 7
Gonna be some big games coming up down there in the next while!