Adult Football League 1 (AFL1) 2017


Maurs Skerries 0-10 a piece


Na Fianna beaten 0-9 to 2-11 by Brigids


Thomas Davis 5-20 Cuala 1-04.


Brigids moving well


Vins 0-8 Crokes 2-9. Poor game, conditions notwithstanding. Vins experimenting big time with younger players. Two opportunist goals the difference. Neither team near full strength


Syls 0-17 BK 2-05


I’m sure crokes were experimenting also


Aye - shows the value of a good contract :joy:


Could be. I wouldn’t know their set up well enough to comment.


Bart I never mentioned poaching, I said transfers. Can you highlight the years that those kids allegedly chose TSS over Judes. Genuinely curious.

Regarding numbers of houses, I would venture firhouse knocklyon, ballycullen or rathfarnham individually have way way more houses than the 2500 houses in the Judes traditional catchment area. But Boden have all 4 areas together along . Not boden’s fault but don’t claim everyone has as many available doors to welcome, members from


Syls also going well. Amazing what a couple of championship wins does for a teams season- league takes on a different focus over the Summer


So shoot me.

Jesus. A few lines about a match and people are jumping all over you.


You don’t mind them Alan - they’re all nearly jealous. Go down to the club and get one of them country lads to buy you a pint!


Any results clontarf v plunkett’s or knock v boden


OK, genuinely not looking for a row. The 2002 lads, TSS had three teams at Feile Year while Judes had one in a lower division. Although TSS have gone from Div 1 to Div 3 due mainly to Liam ding players. We have not had one come to us. So it looks like they were either lost to other sports or gave up. Can’t believe between Cypress, Glendown, Orwell and the other estates I can’t name there is only 2500 houses, you learn something new every day.


Don’t think you can talk current results and football on here, just bicker and moan amongst one another. Think most threads are the same tbh.


Plunketts beat clontarf handy enough


That’s clontarf gone now I’d say


Castleknock lost to Boden,neither club had much of a team out by all accounts.


Thomas Davis going right well in the league. Put up very big scores against Maurs and Cuala and a couple of other good wins too. Must have a few lads playing very well?