Adult Football League 1 (AFL1) 2017


Did sylvesters and vincents play tonight?


Vinnys won by >10 .


Connolly and Carthy were in flying form tonight for Vinnys. Loads of scores spread around the team and they looked very sharp even without Mossy and Varley. Syls had a couple of goal chances but didn’t take them, hit the bar from yards out but overall they couldn’t keep on touch with Vins.


I see Sheedy is working his magic with Syls . . .


Success doesn’t come cheap…but neither does failure apparently


makes no sense from Syls point of view. They can’t attract the quality and volume of outside players that Vincent’s ,Crokes , etc can so without the personnel why waste resources on managers.

Makes absolutely no sense. Better off invested in the youth


What ever happened to Mark Davoren from Kilmacud Crokes?

Did he ever play again after his injury against Meath that day in the Leinster Championship?


As far as I can recall he made his comeback with the club and suffered another injury (perhaps the same injury) almost immediately.


That is correct. Never played after. Think he manages their inter team. We could do with a forward similar to Davoren now.


Injured and never play again :upside_down_face:


it doesn’t all end with a silver lining


Asked the very same question on the old Res Dubs site.

Thought he looked a great prospect. Can’t remember who replied to my question, but the answer was that on his first game back after injury he did his ligaments again.

Certainly doesn’t always end with a silver lining.


Crokes 2-11 Davis 3-9


Physical game of football good win for Thomas davis after disappoint of champo


Crokes Banged in 2-2 After a few minutes.


Strong teams line out? Good win for Davis

Be interesting to see how being out of championship for so many teams effects their motivation for the league.


Maybe OPER it shouldn’t with Davis’s as realisticly they aren’t at that level yet so leave is important id guess


AFL 1 in the summer now is the joke league unfortunately between J1 and county sides


Maybe considered that by outsiders but not for the people involved.


Maura 2-12 Vincent’s 1-13