Adult Football League 1 (AFL1) 2017


Our one is very good. Surface is one of the best I have played on.


I don’t think anyone would debate that last point.


You’ve probably plenty of insulation by now Harper


I do indeed. Would need it around here when you are being trolled…


Crokes 11-8 Brigids 0-9. Played this morning.


11-8? :roll_eyes:


This is the terrible aftermath of losing lifelong players like Emily Mulligan who chased the filthy euro of North Leitrim


It’s easy to be wise after the event but surely they should have included in the contract that conceding 11 goals is not permitted.


They had a sub clause of less than 12 goals which went unnoticed.


Pathetic for a div 1 side


Reap what you sow. Spend a fortune on players and ,managers … not many sorry for them


Crokes must be moving well all the same. They have racked up big scores over the last few weeks.


Score was 10-9 to 0-9 not that is makes much difference, crokes very strong, both sides missing multiple players, crokes mix of 21s and older heads(Vaughan,Burke) very strong, Two corner backs for crokes very impressive, Cillain o shea was one didn’t catch the other lads name, a day to forget for Brigids…


Maurs 2-11 Judes 1-10


Clontarf 0-10 Castleknock 1-11


Boden 0-18 TD 0-08


18-10, Davis wining 10-9 with 12 min left Boden just took over and dominated everything, Davis only scored a point in 2nd half


Apologies your correct.


Did Ballymun Lucan game go ahead Tuesday


Lucan won by 3 I heard