Adult Football League 1 (AFL1) 2017


Cheers thanks I knew they made the final thought they’d won it


They won a SFC B. Maybe you’re thinking of that.


Can anyone tell me if Danny Sutcliffe played Jude’s last game or two? I had heard he was meant to after returning home. Thanks


He played the AFL4 league playoff final last weekend. He hasn’t played senior football for the club in years.


Well I’m basing it on the last few seasons, I gave someone my opinion which I’m entitled to, no need to get so offended as who gives two fucks what I think :confused: also where did I say anything about you’re manager :joy:


2years ago was it


Crokes won 2:14 to 12 I think


Gave them plenty ok but alas not enough on the night.

Through my rose tinted glasse****s… Better team won. More experienced at this level than us.
Crokes 2…14 Maurs 0…13

That said it was cracking game and we didnt deserve to lose by 7 points in my opinion. Crokes got out of the blocks and Mannion hit 2 super scores early on. Carthy got Maurs off the mark and we should have levelled but Crokes went upfield and scored again. We were chasing shadows for 10 minutes but some good defending kept us in it. Few baffling frees along the way for both sides. Crokes went 6…3 up and then Maurs started to play. We dominated for 10 minutes and got it back to 7pts each before the break. Half time came too soon for us. We had one great move which could have or should have resulted in a goal but the ball spun off the turf and across the goal.
Maguire and Carthy were a handful for Crokes and sadly Maguire got absoloutley NO protection from umpires or linesmen. The referee went to his linesmen twice and his umpires twice in first half gave a warning to Crokes player but no card. This was within earshot and resulted in a free to Maurs. It was at least a black card for a pull down.

Crokes came out in the second half and again made a great start. They hit 1…1 in 2 minutes and we were under severe pressure. There was a stoppage from what I could see. Then inexplicably he (referee) ran in and hopped the ball, it was our kickout after a score for crokes. It made no sense to me or the Crokes lad at the wall beside me. We lost our direction for about 10 minutes and crokes hit another goal. I sensed something else about about to happen. Again Maguire was pulled down in front of umpires no free and in view of referee,. The same lad getting with all this then threw Danny Byrne to the ground they wrestled but no harm, no slaps. Danny then poked him in the side the lad didnt react but the umpire did and Danny got a straight red. It was appalling. Funny thing about 2 minutes later one of our lads could have got a red but the referee played on. When I saw this hit coming I said to your man here is another sending off. He agreed but to our amazement play on and Redden hit a great score. With the extra man Crokes kept the ball and played out time.

It is easy to sit back and slag off the referee we hear it every week from different posters and on different forums but I think tonight he maybe was let down by his officials. ,It is heart breaking for us but I have no doubt we will be back at it again soon.

Let there be no argument here Crokes showed their experience and guile but unfortunately the officials showed none. Crokes looked stronger than us for long spells. They played some good football and scored easier. That for about 10 - 12 first half minutes I and a few more Maurs people were thinking just maybe we could win this.

While it was a disappointing end to the year it was a great year for our Club and Parish, Only 2 of our panel didnt play U/8or U/9 for us. We had a great crowd in Parnell park with us and it was great to hear the cheers when we drew level. It gives us great hope for the future.


Hard luck last night Lefty but congrats on a decent year. No doubt this will set yous up for a good year.


Bannigan and his selectors walked after the match last night.

Wonder if Jonny Magee is making himself available


Jaysus it’s a long walk back to Stillorgan from the Nell …


Think he took a club job in louth


As a bouncer?


Never had a great rep in Crokes or Syls but if Michael Bassett was bringing 100k a year sponsorship, I’d consider him for Vincents job.


Jonny is a sound bloke but he’s a little bit rough around the edges for some in Stillorgan.


His Dublin midfielder daughter plays for the ladies there I think?


Was he with the Naul for a while?


Yep - pretty disappointing season for them…especially after getting to the playoffs the year before!


As far as I know yes


Bannigan and his selectors walked after the match last night.

Or was he pushed? Heard from a Crokes man he was done for no matter the result.

I dont know what he was supposed to do with them. I think they are similar to Judes but behind Vincents and Kickhams as the championship showed this year. I dont think Crokes are that hot. They have a lot of good players but I think possibly short 1 or 2. They obviously have serious notions about themselves or what they expect to achieve each year. Are they that good?

As for Rush today. It wasnt a case of there would be no cows milked in Rush this week they didnt even come out to get milked… Huge disappointment around the town but great optimism for next year.

What is the view here on outside managers/coachs? I dont like outside players but can live with outside coachs who can freshen up clubs.