Adult Football League 1 (AFL1) 2017


The funny thing is OldSchool, TheLoneRanger knows what happens at Vincents AGM’s because he is a Vincents man (still a playing member)

This whole Scoil thing is just a front. Isn’t that right Ranger? Obviously feels its better to air his grievances with the club in this format rather than internally which is disappointing,

Dublin Senior Hurling 2018 - The Pat Gilroy Era



Pretty sure he’s Scoil??

Perhaps former Vincent’s would be more logical.


I’m not sure who is most offended by that post… Vincent’s, Scoil or Bart himself.


Funny, but that’s been my suspicion for a long time too.


:joy::joy::joy:. Good luck. I’d prefer to have more involvement with Pol Pot then that place :joy:


The drama.

Bart is ex Vincents or current.

This is like a Hollyoaks Christmas special


Nonsense of the highest order . But as said previously there is a cabal of posters here who literally would do anything to stop some of us posting. It’s amazing at times the sheer lengths they will go to .


not this shite again


There should be a Res Dubs Christmas party.

I’ll organize the hall in Vincents


My Monday is brightening up with every post … :smile:


Do they still give out the free Beamish and Miller after matches? Sort the Ressers out with a few scoops


It all falls into place again, thats why he knows fook all about Scoil and so much about Vincents


Nonsense . As I said your little group would do anything to stop me posting here. Its gone beyond the vendetta stage


100% current Vins, from juvenile until now.

He may claim different but it’s the truth.


Who said anything about stopping you posting?

Just felt it was worth pointing out your association with the club


Not at all mate, I enjoy reading your opinions and you make discussions and topics in all sections which adds to the site.

However, I do feel you go harder on some clubs than others and on some people than others were the sins of the club/Individual are similar in design. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander . . . . …


That’s fair enough comment .


This is making the Trump Russia Mueller stuff look like Balamory!


Fake News.

Bart is Scoil to the bone