Adult Football League 1 (AFL1) 2017


Would be the easiest action where i stand anyways


I know Vincent’s have said he can join, and I know our management committee hasn’t decided what to do yet, is that ok with you?


Not particularly as I’m doubting one aspect of the statement and amazed at the other.
Anyway, if you believe vincents have already consented to a transfer yet to exist, makes it easy for NM to eventually get round to a decision. Just object as I’m not sure anyone could fathom why a club wouldn’t.


At the start of the year, with so many players missing (like many clubs I’m sure) I thought we’d do well to avoid relegation playoff. But the lads who’ve come in have performed unbelievably well, and we got into a great habit of winning a heap of close games that could’ve gone either way. We had 2 big wins and got hammered by Davis early on. But the other 12 matches were all nailbiters that couldve gone either way and we managed to go 8-2-2 in them. Whatever happens from now on, we’ve had a really enjoyable year and it’s been tremendous entertainment from a spectator viewpoint.


I dont think it is the same as bringing in players from every corner of the country that some clubs do at the expense of local kids who have come up through their juvenile system. It is very common practice for clubs to bring in a fresh voice or a new face to an adult set up. I think we have learned a lot from him in many aspects of coaching and different ways of preparing teams. With the small pick we have in terms of people to commit to this role is is good for us to have 3 or 4 las working along side him and it is good for the players This is the second time we have done this on a season long term.

I have spoken to him a few times and he seems a nice man. What did impress me he has taken numerous sessions with other teams in the club and encourages our juveniles to play at half time. So I would say he does care unlike other who as I said couldnt give a “flyin Fkcu” about the “club”


That sums it up Lougher. Great year.

In relation to the imports. We dont have a rule in our club about “outsiders” joining. We just dont go hunting them. I often wonder how young lads in some clubs felt when these new lads come into the dressing room and they move down the pecking orderWe have had a few school teachers in the past who joined us and were great for the club. One of our best clubmen played with a neighbouring club all his life. Just played a bit of hurling with us and got involved when his kids started playing. If I remember correctly he played against us around when his kids were starting out. He has been a great asset to our club but no pressure was ever put on him to join as a player with his home club only 5 miles away. He has been very valuable to us for what he has done off the pitch and around the club.


Well maybe have you considered your senior management might want him ? ( they do) He’s hardly going to play Div z junior football with your two social teams.

There are two interested parties in this like all internal transfers . The other club has to consent well beforehand that they would be happy to take him if he leaves his own club

Club members views are not taken into account in these things . You’re very much over estimating the democracy in the GAA


Is he doing it for free though ?


I honestly dont know. I am not on the committee any more. But I would not drive the distances he is for nothing. I would be surprised if he is on a “match fee” for want of a better work but I suspect he would be getting decent expenses.

In the past I have heard of lads getting pretty good money which I am not in favour of but I would not have a big problem with expenses but where do you stop with this? How much a mile?

Would anyone have an idea of what managers get or could be getting at club level? I do know one club had someone in and it cost them nothing. It was all financed by a wealthy club member.


Maurs 1.9 Judes 1.8


A very strong cross wind made for difficult scoring conditions.

Reddin with the goal for Maurs with about 10 left to put Maurs one up. Pushed two ahead only for Judes to goal and take the lead with 5 left. Two late long range frees from Chris Carthy won it for Maurs.

Crokes 3-13 Ballymun 3-7 in the other semi
Pat Burke with a hat-trick


Do you speak up at the Scoil I Connell AGMs about the large amount of imports they have playing for them in both codes and at all levels? Not to mention a certain mentor who may or may not be paid. Or is only Senior clubs you have a problem with. We can all air our laundry in the open.

Genuine question, do people only have a problem if its senior clubs , for example, the Plunketts junior hurling team that won the C, then B championships in two years had 13 imports.


my issue is with intra county transfers. There are very few circumstances in Dublin that one is justified, maybe someone transferring from a north county club to the likes of Cuala or another team out that direction, purely due to the distance involved but not many like that.


You can’t seriously compare a tiny club sandwiched between six big clubs . You may as well compare the local newsagents with Tesco


So smaller clubs can do what they want? Div 2 football is not too bad is it, could this have been achieved with players that came through juvenile.?


Maybe at your AGM ask why your juvenile teams are so crap at football that you have to import players every year ?
My bet is you won’t. Don’t forget your club ( the Dublin only club :joy:) started internal and external transfers in this county


Avoiding the question. Could Scoil I Connells rise through the adult football divisions to top half of AFL 2 be achieved with players who came through Juvenile? How was it achieved.

Vincent’s U-16 A championship winners. There will always be one or 2 players every year coming through.

Its not all about winning or being a div 1 team etc. for example 4 minor B players on Senior panel.


No but your intermediate team was relegated and you cancelled an adult team this year as well . Your 21s were annihilated last Saturday as well looking at the results
That’s the first a championship you won for at least a decade .and you don’t even play minor A championship anymore .
So with all due respect have a look at your own AGM before you start telling the rest of us how to do our business


Who is doing well, outside of Crokes, Cuala, Boden, Na Fianna, Davis.

Leave it at that as Iv reading and following your posts for a decade now and sometimes its like talking to a brick wall.


They are your competitors - they aren’t ours

The corner shop doesn’t use Tesco’s report to the stock exchange when it’s measuring their performance .
But I’d imagine Tesco look at Sainsbury’s reports .
You’re talking about Burnley v man united