Adult Football League 1 (AFL1) 2017


Vincent’s bet Castleknock well


Just saw the relegation playoff is fixed for Saturday at 5. Do Cuala have much of an advantage here with their Dublin lads back?


I’d personally go with Cuala as fitzimons and O’Callaghan are massive game changers,unlucky for skerries to even be in this position,5 draws :dizzy_face:


Will these lads (Fitz aside) not be held back by Cuala for the hurling championship?


this will be close, skerries are well set up, big big team around the middle 1/3 very difficult to beat, smyth will probo pick up con will be a good battle


I’d imagine they’d be allowed play seen as its such a crucial game


100% Cuala will pack that team. I think it will be tight but I fancie Cuala by 1or2


Hardly “packing” the team if they play Championship with that team. Game to keep the club in Div 1, expect everyone to be available.


When I say pack the team I mean I expect certain hurlers plus 3 county lads to play for them that haven’t played many games this year for them. Hence their abysmal campaign


How come Maurs v Na fianna game not fixed for this week


Probably only John Sheanon from the hurlers will be risked as he’s suspended for hurling semi, Con will definitely play if fit.


Will Colum Sheanon or Schute play? John is a big player for the footballers


Colum could well do, not so sure about Mark though carrying a knock at the minute, that’s why he didn’t start on Sunday, he is a footballer though.


Brigids 1-14 Plunketts 2-6, good game, both teams only missing one or two.


Skerries 1.7 Cuala 1.11.


Boden 2-12 brigids 12 . Brigids missing 7 or 8 starters . Boden well worth the 2 points


I heard Ballyboden were missing 13-14 starters too ?


Missing that many starters? So did they start with 1 or 2? How many had they by the end of the game.


God your a funny man just making an observation of my clubs team . 6 at least from championship v ballymun not playing . Can I not post a fact , up to you how u take it . But need to work on your humour . Don’t know boden team obviously so can’t comment
on them will leave that to you :+1:


Maurs 3-12 NaFianna 0-10.