Adult Football League 1 (AFL1) 2017


I don’t really care… it was more a catarrh question.


What’s the official reason he’s gone?


Anyone else hear Jamie Clarke coming to a Dublin club ?


Coppers? :wink:


Any word what club?

A natural successor to Mossy Quinn maybe…


I heard he had a croak in his throat …


I thought NF had first bid … I mean call on all Armagh footballers …


No Dundrum shopping centre on the northside …


Crokes signing Clarke would be a serious addition to their squad but doesn’t guarantee success . . . . . . . . .

Clarke has been taken to task over loyalty issues In the past by some, leaving Armagh and Crossmaglen panels mid season etc.


Continuing the foreign signing policy that nearly ruined Sylvesters!!


leave the archangel gabrial out of that. that man is Crokes through and through and has a plan…

Others would say every other club should be on bended knee thanking Crokes as it means their club wont be ruined by himself and his filthy lucre


Ballymun 2.18 Harps 0.9

Skerries play Cuala in Relegation playoff now. God knows when that will be


Yeah, Lucan safe on head-to-head.

Poor end to season for Skerries with 2 draws and 5 losses in last 7 games. Wisdom of getting games done early will be questioned. At least at home to Cuala in the playoff and did beat them during the league, although Cuala will presumably be a lot stronger next time


Did they have a choice in playing them early?


Assuming they did, considering they played Castleknock and Ballymun in final games, so they had Dublin players involved, they could have waited out.


Not up to skerries though. If ballymun and castleknock were happy to play skerries had to play


This is completely untrue by the way


Lucan 1-15 St Maurs 3-10
Great last kick point won it for Maurs.
Poor first half (0-6 to 1-3) very good game in the 2nd, some super scores from both teams


Davis 3-19 to 0-07


Judes and plunketts drew