Adult Football League 1 (AFL1) 2017


Paul Waters.


Bit harsh no ? First year after all Ireland usually goes pear shaped . I’d always maintain Mc entee overachieved with that squad


Hes a great manager. I dont think he over achieved, I think he made that group of players over achieve. But from what I know of Mcntee I can guarantee that he trained them extremely hard!


Would McEntee anything without Durcan?? One of the biggest clubs in Dublin flying a goalkeeper from Dubai who had little connection with club.



you are being harsh, papa Durcan had huge family links to the club…didnt he have a first cousin there !!!

also in the match programme for the Donegal 1990 u12 final Four masters vs St Eunans, a then bearded Durcan when asked what his career ambitions were stated to become a professional goalie…he would always have played for boden but for the bad roads form Donegal town


Would love to see JOB back playing ball. A sweet left foot and he is still only 31


I’m know he first cousin of Robbie McDaid but for me still doesn’t justify flying a lad halfway across the world when he didn’t even train with team and only with the club a year. How did Boden sub keeper feel about this? I’m sure he attended all the training and annoyed he wasn’t playing.


Stato I couldnt agree more,

broke my arse laughing when i heard the justification of close family links. almost no county team could afford to do what Boden did bringing him across the globe multiple times…

that and the fact that Durcan was touting him himself to clubs in other counties also earlier in the same year as being available


He was doing it for the parish!


more like 7 parishes there


Has McEntee improved Meath atall?


In Fairness he needs time with that. That’s a project in a half. I heard he was Top class with Boden players all liked him. Tough gig for John going in.


The Plunketts loss was ultimately his downfall. A game they looked in control of for large periods but let it slip. Every score went through Berno that day but Boden’s management failed to ever address it. Had they dropped another man back in front of him and cut off that supply of ball I think they’d have run out comfortable enough winners.


Jaysus lads let it go, Durcan was not flown home by the club, request a copy of their accounts if you like. It was paid for by an individual. It was Qatar and not Dubai as stated!!!


Completley agree, one of the toughest gigs in football. Up there with Cork in my opinion.

He’ll never do anything with them IMO, they’re too far back


and his allegiance to the club was bart ???

Boden club or managemnt didn’t stop this generous benefactor from bringing a mercenary from abroad

he had already earlier in the year approached another all ireland winning club offering his availability


Who coughed up?


someone who hadnt the heed of shite on any existing Boden keeper


A club member from what I’ve been told.


As has been stated his cousin was part of that panel to. He decided to join him. You have your opinion, leave it at that. Local rivalry can be a terrible thing.