Adult Football League 1 (AFL1) 2017


Power base certainly shifting in Meath. North county struggling while commuter belt (south) thriving. Walterstown at Inter level and Skryne in relegation playoff with one draw in their 5 games.


Are Robbie McCarthy and Stuart Lowndes still with Dunboyne?


They sure are


Craig also a decent footballer, the other two are very good on there day, McCarthy can run riot and kick insane amounts.


Dunboyne lost out to Ratoath at the weekend, albeit both had already qualified.


Why did McCarthy leave? He was refused a transfer I think to Brigids at one stage was he?


Refused a transfer to a couple of clubs before Brigids, played that year and then left the club the following year, i have an idea but won’t be airing it on here im afraid no my place.


Can McCarthy transfer to another Dublin club other than Peregrines if wanted to play in Dublin again?


He must go back to the club you left.


does he (or anyone else) have to if original dublin club dont object ?


I though he could join another Dublin club if stayed with Dunboyne for 2 years?


John O’Brien is indeed gone.


Is he only football manager gone from club


Who’s the goalkeeping coach out in Boden?


No idea, not with them


Paul Durcan ??


He’s in Dubai


I know, was taking urine out of his career with them


Thought you were out there.
I’ve had a chat with him few times at matches, always asks me how my Dad and family are etc, but haven’t a clue how I know him, don’t want to be rude and say 'Who are you’:smiley:


He would be the main one . To be fair as already said had a tough act to follow in McEntee & exiting the Championship so early regardless of opposition was always gong to be a tough one.