Adult Football League 1 (AFL1) 2017


No one got injured due to the Astro . There was a clash of heads .
Is your Astro in better condition?


That astro is a disaster zone and you know it.


List the injuries that have happened .
That only happened cause of that surface ?


OPER defence are shocking on the long ball in!


:joy::joy:this is gas, Why do counsel use it so much so? The only problem with that Astro is the poxy breeze other than that it’s great and no players were injured on it during the game


Curran will earn his money if he sorts that Defence out.


You mean he might have to spend money to sort out defence :joy:

I see Ciaran McKeever transferred back home


As you suggesting that the surface in Galty is safer, particularly in summer time? There is no comparison between an Astro pitch and some of the grass (sometimes) surfaces around the city.


It’s like playing on concrete and has gotten worse over the years.

Are you denying this?


Hardly like concrete :joy: You must be getting ould, councel must love it as they use it so much


Playing on natural grass surfaces in the middle of summer can be like playing on concrete sometimes.


Except in Ireland …


Yes I am!! It is good and firm and very flat unlike your own pitch a nd some others which are like the surface of the moon in summer. Rock hard, grass less and bumpy.


Not the point being made . Both surfaces as described can be equally dangerous . Neither being an improvement on the other


.We’ll just agree to disagree.


I’ve never played on TD’s astro. From my (limited) experience of playing/training/coaching on astro surfaces in general, I’ve never seen or felt any issues. The big issue being highlighted now with 3G pitches is the possibility of them causing cancer. But the original point mentioned here was a correlation between this particular astro pitch and the head injuries that occurred in the game with no real evidence to link the two other than pure coincidence.


Imo astro pitches are a nightmare…maybe that’s my age but when I was a good 8-10 years younger I felt the same…hard on the joints and always hated the artificial feel…cant beat a good grass pitch


Yeah them ould implants just aren’t the same …


Never had any issue playing on the astro, but then again then years playing hockey would have had me used to it anyway


:joy::joy::joy::joy: now you have it