Adult Football League 1 (AFL1) 2017


Any report? What type of team had crokes out?


Unsure on their team, but were missing a handful of starters.

As for TLR, youre right id highly doubt Jim McGuinness cares alright, but the team members on our senior team would, all things considered.


Ignore him. For whatever reason he feels it’s his duty to go out of his way to put down division 1. I’m at a loss to know why he bothers coming into the thread at all never mind make sarcastic comments which I’d be amazed if anyone finds funny.

Anyway, I’m always interested in reports on games in this division if you get the time later.


Liven up the club threads a bit Rico . They are about as interesting as a Theresa May press conference . Thank god for the AFL 6 thread .
Just remember to get both chips off your shoulder when you’re getting them surgically removed


I heard Maurs played a 14 year old tonight and he scored 1-3. A big big lad.


Why do you go into them so? I’m genuinely curious.


Earth to Rico… Bart aint happy unless he’s bitchin about something. FFS, If I recall correctly, he found something to moan about after our recent All Ireland wins. You’re trying to stop the impossible, as long as Bart exists, he will moan. It’s better if you accept that and just move on! He’s one of life’s whingers.

There now follows the usual “I just call it as I see it, and I’m not a man to follow the party political line” retort that I’ve heard more times than I’ve had hot dinners!


Was actually trying to lighten the mood Rochey . Yourself and Rico strike me as two guys who get up early to smile in the mirror to get it out of the way for the day .


Now that I read it again, it’s actually a very witty hilarious comment- don’t know how I missed that the first time! Any more? Haven’t heard a mcgregor one in a while :roll_eyes:
Reassuring to know if the internet punditry doesn’t work out you’ll always have the comedy to fall back on. :clown_face:


See Bart? That’s funny!

The absolute fuc*in irony of you calling me out for being miserable!!! That’s even funnier


Thanks Rico . You’ll always have a career in the wax museum . It maybe your true calling :grinning:


In fairness Rochey it comes across that way I’m afraid


No it doesn’t


Na Fianna just bounced off Cuala in Dalkey, 0-08 to 4-20.


Vincents 3-15 Harps 0-15


OPER 2-9 Maurs 2-12


Clontarf beaten again that’s them gone. Can’t remember to many teams ever finishing on zero points. Parnells 2 years ago but after that I’d be stuck to think of any.


I think they were gone already based on head to head with Cuala. They wouldn’t have played it otherwise if they had any chance

Did Trinity Gaels get any points the year they got relegated?


It’s a poor effort for a club with their resources


I was at game last night, they looked better than their league placing , I think J1 travels must have hit them hard. They kept shape well last night and were always in the game, although it was a scrappy enough game