Adult Football League 1 (AFL1) 2017


the only reason I didn’t is that pitch availability may be an issue



Your a gas man. You still haven’t proved anything! I would say every (current) player would absolutely agree with Brogan. I would say there is a very low percentage that wants to be playing on Sunday full stop!


Something we also seem to forget about all the time is that there isn’t enough refs either.


Loneranger, do you currently play or coach in adult divisions ?


cuala boden moved to Shankill tomorrow


Your right. Playing @ 3 on a Sunday is a nightmare.
But the way I see it going forward, I think that most clubs in say 5 years time with have a floodlight pitch…


Really.? Done a few referees course.
But then got contacted 5 months after…
Maybe I failed it. And they were stuck! :joy:


Currently nothing but I played and coached for a long time and these are the main issues experienced . The GAA calendar is inflexible due to county players. Until that rubicon is crossed club players will struggle to be able to plan anything


Vins- Ballymun tonight.

The best teams in the county over the past 5 or so years.

Shadowboxing at this time of the year, still always interesting when they clash


& Judes castleknock also down on the futures list - repeat of last years semi’s LOL


miserable evening for a match


Judes 1-6 Castleknock 0-6. One for the purists.


Anybody got other results ?


Mun beat Vins by 2/3 I think it was


cuala 2-6 boden 3-11


Judes out handpassed Castleknock 337 complete passes to 312. Castleknock 77.55 % successfully inside their own half all 15 men, Judes only managed a paltry 66.11 % all 15 in their own half.

One example in the whole match of 3 successive kicks of the ball.

What an advertisement for hurling


Good man for the results on Twitter lads:
@Rnnmaclochlainn . Usually on the ball with all leagues


Both sides very very defensive was never gonna be a high scoring game, CK 14 men behind the ball.


Brigid’s 19 clontarf 6


14 behind the ball was their attacking mode. It was 15 most of the time