Adult Football League 1 (AFL1) 2017


That’s not what was said. I’m glad you’re not a county board officer. We’d have more chance with Putin at the helm!


And i’m glad you are not my accountant from the creative results you posted.


No fear of that mate. I prefer a line of work where you get paid better



4-3, one lad said to scrap the cup matches, never said he didnt like Saturday evening matches. Another said they struggle to field this time of year with 2 matches in one week, never mentioned not liking Saturday night matches. And thats only 2, unless you are counting yourself as a current player??


As a ref, I love the Saturday evening games as it frees up my Sundays most of the time.


I suppose Brigids are victims of their own success. 3 adults team in the top four division, you ain’t going to be getting much sympathy I would imagine Ranger.


he’s not a Brigids man. He still won’t get much sympathy anyway :grinning:


I don’t think anyone is complaining about Saturday evening games in general as it’s the best time and day for a game, Bart is saying that just for this month weekend games in general are a problem to field for a lot of clubs.


That’s not what he’s saying. He’s saying the dcb should consider scrapping Saturday evening games in the summer and starting the league earlier.
And more than that he initially tried to put forward that this was what the players wanted! That was quickly shot down as can be seen above and now he’s meekly half backing down but refusing to admit he was wrong and bringing mcgregor and putin of all people into the conversation to try and save some sort of face.


Sorry Rico I’ll remember to get my posts vetted by you in future . Im suitably chastised now . But I’ll keep banging my small violin . It’s just my way of getting through the day


Bang a drum, play a violin.

As you were.


I thought he did, anyway my bad.


Current player, Saturday night games are brilliant, it is what it is, its going to be tough to field teams in the summer every club is in a similar position, injuries lads away etc, the lads i feel sorry for are the Dual players, i know of two players who will have played 18 games in 10 weeks (AFL1 and AHL1) two lads running on empty.


I’d personally prefer if they scrapped the midweek games in July and Keep the Saturday games.


Kilmacud Crokes 0-17 Ballymun Kickhams 0-15


Sunday morning games are responsible for a very large number of junior lads not committing.

Half 10 on a Sunday morning away to Lucan or the likes, miserable

** Nothing wrong with Lucan Sarsfields it’s just miles away **


Don’t be talking sense now . You’ll only be hailed a pariah like me on it .


Different points Bart. You are saying no weekend games in July. This is an issue that is year round for junior players.

In the summer time, there might be an argument to have div 5-8 matches on Friday evening when the light allows but there’s not enough pitches with lights to facilitate it year round


I think most players regardless of division live with Sunday morning games because players in 1-4 know it’s only a few weekends
I think players at a lower level who are on the fence decide against committing because of it
I also think lads higher up would be more inclined to move down through the ranks and play longer as they get old if Sunday mornings were a thing of the past . I can’t see it changing though .


I would include Div 9-11 as well on a Friday or Saturday night during June to August. Sunday afternoons are outdated