Adult Football League 1 (AFL1) 2017


Nope clearly I haven’t asked. But the ones I do speak to are all in favour of Saturday evening games.

Did the results of your census come up with different results?


Rather then assuming the answers I’d like to see one Rico :blush:. Just to see.


As would I. By all means go for it- I look forward to seeing the results in good time :eyeglasses:


Can anyone from boden actually shed any light on why their Afl 1,3 and 5 teams all have walkovers? Whatever about one team doing it, but three teams giving walkovers from a club that size is mad


People who go away for a weekend usually travel on a Friday. Just look at the traffic on the main roads to the country, or the queues at the Bus or train stations on a Friday. Friday evening games would not work if weekends are the problem.
Clubs want Saturday and Sunday games and constantly tell the County Board that.


Leagues for the big clubs aren’t all that important . Typically when they are out if the championship they bail out unless they are in league contention
For example if you had a ticket to a festival that you’d planned for months and your team was out of the championship and league contention - would you really give up the festival just to play a league game that is utterly meaningless ?
In most cases I doubt it . And certainly today’s youth won’t .


I don’t buy that, that might be a valid excuse for one walkover, not three.


There was two walkivers not 3 yesterday


I will get on to my informant to query why his information was off. Damn Trumps, can’t trust them…


If they didn’t field in afl3 they’d be kicked out . So they fielded there . Probably borrowed from afl5 to do it . And afl1 couldn’t field because tutu couldn’t borrow from afl3
I know for a fact they ended up playing lads who were injured against maurs in afl1 just to field a team .


Would it not be the lowest division team that would be relegated if the AFL3 side didn’t field?


No as far as I know the AFL3 team would be relegated, but would have to fulfill the rest of their fixtures using players from AFL5 team.


Problem is clubs are entering too many teams. Far too much cattle trading goes on with fixtures.


That’s fact


Its the players, that are still playing, whose opinion counts to be fair, not yours. Any I talk to love playing on Saturday evenings


Read the thread I’d suggest . It’s their opinion that counts not yours . So I’d imagine you’re completely contradicting yourself
I just asked the question


I have read the thread. You are the only one that is saying we shouldn’t play Saturday evening games in July, Parish admits there is a problem, but still not suggesting that.

I have a fairly good idea Rico could be still playing, could be wrong there but he disagrees. No other people still playing have commented. We play at 3 on a Sunday, thats your whole day gone, especially if your playing away. Second team play Sunday morning, thats your weekend gone! Anyone I ask, yes lads still playing love playing on Saturday night and going for a few pints after


I still play, certainly enjoy Saturday evening games.


Still playing and we love the Saturday night games… ideal time, still have a full weekend and you can get a pint in after. Also good time to have a half decent crowd out to watch.


a lot of clubhouses very dependent on Saturday evening followers if not players stopping for a few sociables afterwards also