Adult Football League 1 (AFL1) 2017


Do your country lads go home to play at the weekend?
Most clubs see no difference in the problems playing midweek or weekend. Only one cup weekend used early this year the other was washed out. Big help that would be.


Ask the Clubs . I’ll ignore the first jibe


Most walkovers are given at weekends


Skerries 2-7 Judes 1-10


Vins 1.12 TD 1.10


Maurs 1.13 Ballymun 0.12

That’s 4 on the bounce for Maurs now.


Castleknock 2-7 Brigids 10 pts.


Midweek games are fine if you are not travelling from Rush or Skerries to Kilmacud Tallaght or Dalkey or vice versa. That to me is the biggest joke.
Nothing wrong with 2 games in a week either and I would say the more we get played during the “fine” weather the better. Not much fun for anyone playing in mud for anyone. The county board cant win on this. Reducing the league size might be an option. We used to have division 1 to 4 in senior back in the 80s and early 90s then it went back to 3 divisions.

Good game with Maurs and Ballymun tonight. Could have went either way. Maurs goal was a long ball that deceived the keeper. Mun had a similar effort in first half and Mars keeper got a finger tip to it. He made 2 brilliant saves in 2nd half also while Maurs missed 2 goal chances when Currie made 2 excellent saves.


Clontarf 0-09 Na Fianna 3-16


Each to their own. You’re entitled to your opinion
If Maurs played these teams at other times of the year then the results may not be as good I’d say . So it could be argued the other way too that it suits some and not others
But walk overs in weekends In July will be the norm at all grades


Nothing wrong with Saturday games during the summer. The more the better I’d say.
Few things more enjoyable than playing a game on a sunny Saturday evening then being back up in the club for 9 o’clock drinking pints.
You’ll get walkovers but they’re the exception certainly not the rule. You would’ve had in around 1000 lads playing matches tonight. Pretty sure most of them much prefer playing games on evenings such as tonight than on a cold wet morning in februrary/November.


Make the leagues smaller seems to be the only way around this. We all knew at the start of the year how we would be fixed. So no excuse for lads playing top flight football. We have 5 lads away which is massive for a club our size.It effects all clubs.
Yes the results might be different but that is how it is. Crazy asking Boden to get across the M.50 for a mid week game especially if it is a 6.30 game. Not all lads have an understanding boss. I agree with Alanoc earlier who said smaller clubs appear to make a bigger effort to get games played and it is something iv seen as well.


Well it’s open to debate in my view but in my opinion I’d scrub weekend games in July and I’d look at playing div 5-11 on Friday evenings
Traditionalists will say otherwise but I think it’s worth a shot


It’s not traditionalists it’s players. Players want to play games during the Summer in the good weather not in the muck in the winter. Saturday evening is the ideal time for the majority of players.


Judes looked like they were going to be comfortable winners against skerries last night but in the end were lucky to get out with a draw kicking the equalising score deep into injury time.


Every county plays SFL through July, why should Dublin differ


I didn’t say we shouldn’t - it was a suggestion . My alternative is to play midweek only in July .


Most work midweek, Saturday a more viable option for players and supporters alike


Have you asked the majority ? It would be interesting to see what a proper survey would turn out . After all a lot of British politicians thought they’d still be in the EU…


You can see both sides of the argument and all you have to do is look at the walkovers given lately to see in both codes.

Last week we had a team in AHL 2 give a walkover and then this week in AFL 1.

Saturday evening games are great but the Sunday afternoon games can be a real struggle to field. The last 6/8 weeks has been tough for dual clubs with 2 games a week.