Adult Football League 1 (AFL1) 2017


Kickhams by a point - Cracking league game


Farrelly still going strong! What age is he now?


Harps 1-9 Clontarf 0-6


Not to sure say he’s playing senior football 17/18 yrs now :confused:




Judes beat Boden 8 to 5 out in abbotstown tonight


Game for the purists?


Or as the hurling royalty say when we’re playing Antrim … game for the poor wrists?


a waste of good ash?


Or sash in Antrim’s case? :smirk:


i think there was 25 minutes where one point was scored. it was still 5 all with maybe 5 minutes remaining when Judes upped it a bit. Boden kicked away a hatful of chances in the 2nd half, should have been well clear and probably got payback from the ref in closing stages for pretty much non stop abuse from the sideline for all of the 2nd half…

or maybe he was more sympathetic after his castleknock performance last year


Crazy to see boden playing their games in abbotstown


Waiting for the spawell


It was a home game for Judes.
For a low scoring game it was high tempo and fascinating.
Judes lucky to win in the end.
Bitterly cold night for spectators.
Amazing facilities.


0-8 to 0-5 was fascinating ?


The ref rode Boden, He’s completely out of his depth at this level.

Otherwise a very good game to watch despite the low scoring.


Good to see someone giving an honest opinion on the ref without rose tinted glasses.


I would think this Boden team will get plenty of similar ref experiences if their new sideline keep their style of “encouraging” the ref up …

this ref has proven time and time again to be way out of his depth


All 6 goals from plunketts v davis last sunday on link below for anyone interested…a few nice finishes.


How many lads got injured in that game? That “astro” is a disgrace.