Adult Football League 1 (AFL1) 2017


2 games a week in July is a joke in fairness . Farcical really


Little bit before my time. Played with a load of his grandkids though, and still do with some of them, sort of


Ballyboden conceded this evening’s game against Crokes according to tweet below




Why? Crazy stuff


I see there Div 3 teams were also due to play each other tonight so unless it’s that game that’s been conceded


Looking aT it there AFL 3 team have already given 1 walkover so another and they are relegated so hard to see them giving another.


The lower team is supposed to concede. Seems obvious now why the D1 team is conceding.


Their Div 5 team conceded as well


Said it before it’s time to end the July fixture madness . Other teams in the same boat
Holidays , festivals etc either the GAA decides to adapt or this will be the norm


Theres alot smaller clubs fielding though. Theres no excuse for a club the size of Boden, or maybe their not as big as I thought.


You could have ten lads on holidays . Anyone in their early 20s who isn’t on a J1 is probably at longitude . It’s a different era now . People aren’t accommodating fixtures anymore


When I was on CCC2 it was almost always the bigger clubs who would concede. Smaller ones would always make the effort to field.


Defo agree with that. The playing Junior 9-11 matches at 3 on a Sunday especially in the summer is out dated too. Should be played on Friday or Saturday evening.


Agreed . Don’t understand why they put the most socially active players playing on a Sunday . Makes no sense . Especially in summer . Because you’ll be struggling to get them out


When do you suggest that games be played? July only seems to be a problem in Dublin as most other Counties play throughout July and August without a problem.
Calendar year games programmes are laid down in rule and are here to stay, Our season runs from February to October do you suggest that Dublin instead of a winter break take a summer break and play on with full league rounds through November and December? Or maybe your alternative is to reduce our leagues to ten or twelve team one round leagues which would allow for school like summer holidays from games but reduce the number of matches our club players get.
Very easy to say “we shouldn’t do that” a little more difficult to give a good suggestion as to what should be done.


Very easy . Scrap the cups and start the leagues earlier . Play midweek fixtures in July and no weekends .
Please don’t tell me that’s not possible . Nobody wants to play in the Cups


Midweek games wouldnt make any difference for J1s or holidays


Always easier to field during the week.

Nice of the county board to move the games this week so doesn’t clash with the county team.


True I suppose