Adult Football League 1 (AFL1) 2017


My wife says that alll the time . You’ll get used to it as time passes :joy:


Disagree he struck out and left himself out there to be sent off, think he knew it himself… thought the ref had a good game.


Your man went down as if he’d been shot. Red card comes out and miracously your man hops off the ground and trots off. There wasn’t even any contact- ask the player himself.
Ref was decent otherewise but fell for that hook, line and sinker.


Ref fell for that hook…was it a right or left hook? :joy:


Striking or attempting to strike is a red card lads regardless of contact.


You sound like the head of Ibec there MM …


Funny then he must of busted his nose when he dived . I am from brigids and he swung back dangerously not saying there was not malice in it , it was just a reaction but he connected and cut his nose . It’s a red . Ref is one of the better refs around


I meant was malice in it


Jesus to early meant don’t think there was malice in it it was just a reaction but he cut his nose


Busted his nose…cut his nose…was there even any blood? Blood sub used?


Was just reading back on this, not what happened at all, player recieved treatment on the deck for a couple of minutes…


He stayed down alright no arguments there. Whether there was anything wrong with is a different question. If he had a busted nose as you say why was there no blood sub. He knew what he was doing.


who got lined and who stayed down


Conor Mc Gregor


Maurs 1 12 Syls 0 13


Vincents beat Na Fianna by 2

Entertaining game, plenty of quality scores.

Gavin Burke came on and scored 3/4 probably made the difference.

Na Fianna conceded two goals in quick succession in gone first 10 minutes, criminal to concede

Na Fianna sideline very noisy, akin to a soccer management style lots of roaring and random numbers being shouted

They look well drilled and more structured than I’ve seen in the past

Craig Wilson man of the match for me


Brigid’s 1-19 Thomas davis 16


Plunketts beat Boden by 9/10. Bernard and Basquel played


Would agree re: Wilson. Had a great game

Agree re: Na Fianna sideline too. Cannot see the point in half a dozen lads all shouting over each other. Would any of the players on the pitch even be listening?


I don’t see the point either, just commenting they seem to better managed this year