Adult Football League 1 (AFL1) 2017


Brigids moving well too and Syls. But the big clubs aren’t arsed about this so it’s a facile position


Very poor from them this season . Whatever is going on there


Bart my last post on what is an off topic debate , TSS played 2 teams at u14 in 2016, d2 and D7. Judes had 1 in D6. Both clubs have a single u15 team and current results would indicate they will be both playing u16 division 4. I’make still not sure how you ascertain that parents chose TSS over Judes for 2002 boys when they didnt for any other year. And yes 2500 is an accurate reflection of house numbers and if you want to talk about close neighbours they don’t come any closer than faughs and judes.


Don’t mean to be pedantic he said, pedantically - but futile maybe?


Yea in fairness to the lads going really well in the league this year. Out best start in a long time. Number of young lads finally making their mark. What’s a pity is that we didn’t show up in championship vs Brigids!!


Wrong again


Agreed. Vins won it two years ago and got to the semis last year. Beat Crokes in the final in 2015.

Are we not big clubs?


Boden 2016 winners


Yes, but I suppose we’re a small club so my opinion doesn’t count!


I’m agreeing with you!


I know! I was re-replying to Bart!!!


I wouldn’t call Mun or Vins small. Maybe not super clubs like BBSE, Crokes or Na Fianna but not small either


We are very small in comparison to every other AFL1 club though. Only a sprinkling of teams in girls football (though growing) no hurling or camogie, and one team at every age group in boys football. 3 adult male teams. Considerably smaller than every AFL1 club!


Yes indeed Rochey. The total neglect of hurling (a la Kerry) has helped BK enormously.


Define total neglect?


Didn’t Mun play their U21’s in the final 2 league games last season? Had they picked up just 1 point from those games they’d have qualified for the semi final but lost both if memory serves me right.


Relax … :wink:


A constant state of relaxation… Good job I’m not tested by WADA!


Never got going against Brigids to be fair, at arms length for most of the game, felt Brigids were in control throughout, Brigids definitely had there homework done and got all the match ups spot on, some great young talent in that TD side, also Shane McG is style flying looks like the lack of travelling to Clare may have been a blessing to him, they will be there or there about come semi final time for the league imo.


Clare could have done with McGrath this year. Big loss to them. How is Laurence Healy playing? He played with Clare too.