About the ResDubs Retro category


As started by @25AliveOh with his 2016 final review, this is the area of ResDubs where we can revisit old games.

I would suggest that maybe we look at one game per week but let’s use this thread to get some ideas before going further with it.


It could be like a book club. We could pick a match - maybe post a link and ask for starting posts after a few days.

What??? Great idea? Oh thanks …


Dublin v Meath. 1991. 4th game. Your time starts now…!


I was in hospital having my 6th … saved a fortune on the drowning sorrows but.


I’m still in recovery! The Barr - Heery double hit on ORourke is still a stand-out memory!!


Costello got a nice hit on him today too … :grin:


All of our major missed penalties down the years were into the same goal/end. Dermo changed the course of history, back to the 70s…