70s/80s/90s Nostalgia ... a thing of the past


Speaking of big, fish lips…


It’s a trap


We’ve got to give those fighters more time.


Looks like that cauc lord Ross


Don’t know why but got a real hankering on me tonight to watch field of dreams. Maybe I’m getting old but I really enjoyed it as syrupy as it is.


Yep. You’d have to have a heart of stone not to get something out of it.


Superb, the bit at the end with his old man , hard not to feel that.


As PD said, You would want to have a heart of stone… I had a difficult relationship with me own oul lad and ■■■■ it was hard not to get emotional. But I don’t have tear ducts so it quickly passed, also thinking of PUG BOY in emotional agony over in Brazil made me laugh out loud.

Next 80’s trip down memory lane… Cocoon or The Outsiders?


The Apartment. I challenge you to keep those tear-ducts dry. We should do a famous movie quotes thread:

For a while there, you try kidding yourself
that you’re going with an unmarried man.
Then one day he keeps
looking at his watch…
…and asks you if any lipstick’s showing,…
…then rushes out to catch
the 7.14 to White Plains.
So you fix yourself
a cup of instant coffee…
…and you sit there
by yourself and you think,…
…and it all begins to look so… ugly.

Either that or you’ll laugh alot! It’s also a great Christmas movie.


Big time , its only when they’re gone you start to notice things more in movies & tv . Big Fish was another one of them too , great movie .


That the one with Jack Lemmon ?
Top movie , incredible actor .


Yep. The scene in the (little Irish) bar on Christmas Eve is one of my all-time favourite movie scenes.
Went to NY a few years ago and discovered on our last night there that that was a real bar, still existed, and was virtually untouched, amidst all the yuuuuuge fancy offices and grand lux apartments just off Central Park (near the Dakota Buildings).
Barman was an older New Joisey guy, great character. The owner was an old Kerry woman who still had her accent. The barman told us a great story about the jukebox…


Stay Gold- JJF!


A the durty 8 c to Corduff. Very brave driver saying that in the Wild West.


I posted all that about three weeks ago


It’ll never happen …


Hmmm I must of missed that.


Not in my life time.


must have …


Posted about 5 vids from RTÉ Archives. Quite a coincidence you discovered the same obscure video three weeks after me