70s/80s/90s Nostalgia ... a thing of the past



Tell him I said hello haven’t seen the old bean in a while unless he’s in his holiday home down in Cork.


Other end to that bell end


Even better, closer to Harry’s


Now you’re talking. Long before the refurb too. ‘Twas our clubhouse!


Just for the record, the one that is on now is called Little Roy


No probably about it. Pure Blasphemy!


If you ever read the original stories it’s fairly vpilent and nasty stuff between the engines lol


Big Duran Duran night next Friday on BBC4 :+1:


I think I’ll record it all and save it till the morning after.


Would recommend writing down that time and date for people with careless memories


I’ll be in Rio, will I be able to get it there?


Are you the kind of lad who usually gets it when on holidays?


Nah I always have a couple of Durans handy.


I was in a rush this morning and didn’t have time for breakfast…
So I’m really hungry…like the wolf actually!


Eat slowly so. The reflex to barf is v strong if you eat too quickly.


I’d say you’ll get a lot of girls on film in Rio!


These puns are, as the French might say “le bon”!


This thread is Taylor made for puns.


No Mas!
For the love of God No Mas with the puns.


Roger Clarence. :+1: