70s/80s/90s Nostalgia ... a thing of the past


Great radio documentary on the rave/ dance scene on Near FM, touches on the pirates too as far as I recall.

It’s 6 or 8 parts, called Folklore from the Dancefloor, produced and presented by Aoife Nic Canna.

It’s excellent. Covers a huge range of the scene, even has audio from one of the Bettystown beach raves. Definitely one to check out.


will do. the 90’s were fun if you were in your 20’s, free and single and had a few quid to spend. :crazy_face:


Some decent 90s stuff … Spice Girls to follow …


For all the Metal Heads …


Gwen Stefani’s voice in the song does my head in… whining c*nt.


One of the best dance tracks of the 1990’s


Getting back to the original 70’s…

For all of their failings, the rte website has some great archive videos.


Another savage track.


Still great. Dont give a ■■■■ what anyone says.


A real favourite of mine from d’early 80’s.


And another of a similar vintage…


1988 wasn’t all Glenn Medeiros you know…


Was anybody else in love with Blondie (Debbie Harry) or Susannah Hoff from the Bangles ?


Was? Debbie Harry? Still am!


Everyone I’d imagine


With Blondie yes. Great programme on the BBC about them a while ago. They are still playing because they had no money after being at the top for 10 or more years.


No idea how I got into them but I think this was the first cassette single I ever bought

Then I got into STP in a big way


I know everyone knows this track and its Underworlds most recognised song. But to have sat through watching Trainspotting in the cinemas in the 90’s after reading the books and then this came on the end was just savage. It was for me the anthem of 90’s/ When I ever hear I just want to go back there for a few minutes.


since we are on about 90’s music

one of the great albums. I remember listening to it on the bus on the way to THAT dublin-v-kildare match in 2000…


Very suiss design on the cover. My kind of design.