70s/80s/90s Nostalgia ... a thing of the past


It was strange watching the Top of the Pops episodes recently on BBC FOUR when Relax was number 1 and they wouldn’t play.

It all looked so bloody awkward…


Fixed that …


Probably the same reason it didn’t top the charts in Ireland. They were strange times.


I’ve updated the title thread for some of us younger bucks.

“The Word” & “Eurotrash” was essential Friday night viewing. Loved seeing heavy metal on mainstream TV as it was just coming back into popularity having being swallowed whole by grunge.


Ah noooooooooo - not the fecking 90s!! Feck off to yer own thread. The 90s is like diesel and dolphins … it doesn’t mix …

Your first contribution proves the point better than anything.

This could be the biggest scandal and controversy to hit Ressers since we found out Rochey was male.

90s out! 90s out! 90s out!


Just can’t accept being an old fogie @Dub09 :open_mouth:


Speaking of diesel: diesel.


I can clearly remember the excitement of going into town to buy Madness’ “baggy trousers”

That was closer in time to the end of the second world war than it is to now…


Oh what fun you had!


It must be love. Or it must have been love, but it’s over now.




Headbanger ball Sunday nights on MTV, hosted by Vanessa Warwick whose married to Ricky Warwick of the Almighty.
Great show for metal heads.


anyone remember ray cokes on MTV every evening? That was a great show, how he never made it and Davina McCall did is beyond me. On one of the final shows, live in germany, they decided to put him on a cherry picker and roam over the crowd of pissed up and pissed off heavy rock fans. Cue the flying bottles…


since im in a 90’s zone… if you remember the KLF/The Jams/Timelords and all of that, as well as K2 Planthire, the justified aincents of mu mu, ■■■■ the millenium…

well, they’re back, sort of, and have released a book which looks very interesting

i’d highly reccomend (if you can get it) their Chill Out album. All their singles are on the you tube.


Back when MTV was about the music , good times .


Unique band.


Or the Party Zone.


i still have at home somewhere, old mix tapes i used to make from all those rave tunes around 91-94 from the pirate radio stations. It was a very odd time lol there were loads and loads of pirates. I got involved in a few of them, one was in a flat in dominick street, the “desk” was two cd players, a cross fader and a mike. I had been doing community radio with proper studios and it was a shock but it was fantastic.

There was another short lived one in Ballymun (the Ballymun Broadcasting Company :rofl::rofl:) the music library consisted of a few copies of whatever compilation CD’s they could get. At least the Dominick Street one could get their hands on white lables!


Similarly, this is a brilliant book…