70s/80s/90s Nostalgia ... a thing of the past


You can still hear it 5am radio 1 (530 sometimes depending when live programming starts)


I have the annihilation mix of two tribes, still amazing. Radio Dublin usd to play it during the summer evenings I’d sit mesmerised by it.
Threads… grim. Watched it again a few years back, even more grim.
Explaining to your kids how we grew up in a background fear of of the end of the world.


Yeah … not a bit like now … :open_mouth:


Nah, trump and Korea is a sideshow compared to when we had Ronnie and a succession of insane soviet presidents before Gorbachev

There was even an incident when the soviet warning system went haywire and it was only because one corporal overruled the fault that preventive them going to launch. Happened in 1983.


Jaysus I was never scared in those days. Mind you I was rarely sober either …


Anybody watch that Deutschland 83 series last year? Thought it was über güt. Supposed to be DLand 86 coming soon, ja, sicher! Is This is England due one more round?


No finished with 1990. Superb series.


Jingle??!! That’s the air of “O Donnell Abú” - 19th century tribute to Red Hugh O Donnell of the Nine Years War etc., who was also, incidentally, the subject of a Walt Disney film. It was chosen as the ID signal for Irish Radio - 2 RN from Athlone on the granny’s ancient radiogram - following a poll of listeners. It was also adopted, perhaps not by coincidence, by the Blueshirts as their ‘anthem’.

If you were, getting back on thread, in Malachy’s BNS in the late 70s the words of the song were printed in the Gill & McMillan History Book we, to a greater or lesser extent, studied!


Dem books were probably stolen before my turn came around.

Very informative post, nonetheless, thank you. Mssrs Finn, McCarthy, Duffy, Kennedy, O’Dualaing, O’Carroll, etc made more of an impression on you than they did on me.








Have that 12inch too. Welcome to the Pleasuredome was a top album.
If Threads and all the other shows about Nuclear war taught me anything it was to run to the blast zone, f**k this Duck and Cover survival lark.


FGTH version of Born to Run is better than Bruce Forsyth’s


It was 25p in to the one In Belgrove football club. In the unlikely event that you had got off with a young one the previous Saturday, to avoid paying for them you’d arrange to “see you inside”. Or maybe that was just me !


Forysth? I doubt I had heard much Springsteen in those days so probably thought it was a FGTH song. A few years ago when listening to Just cant get enough my daughter asked why I was listening to a Saturdays song.


Rumour has it Frankie were effectively the godlike genius that is Trevor Horn.

By all accounts the band were usually in the pub while he was recording the songs.

Check this out