70s/80s/90s Nostalgia ... a thing of the past


Fcuk 'em !

We grew up with the Troubles and CND and the Miners Strike and Thatchers Britan and openly gay groups putting their spake in, in very creative and ground breaking musical ways. And we had the likes of Billy Bragg and UB40 and Bronski Beat and a truck load more, providing the sound track to it all.

Look at what is going on in the world today, but where is the soundtrack to it? Rap and hip hop aside, you have to look pretty hard to find it. In the 80’s, it was all mainstream and had pride of place, along side the Kajagoogoo’s and the Spandau Ballet’s. Not the case now.


Exactly… Bronski Beat ‘small town boy’ has to be one of the athems of the 80’s. Funny enough I watched that video last nigh on Youtube after I posted the Triller link, somerville looked about 12 and when the oul lad is giving out to him he can’t keep a serious face. Seen another link of him performing that track at a festival in 2015, still brilliant.


I remember back in the day rhe old man of farming stock was either raising chickens or pheasants in a coup out in our back garden in Glasnevin .Also grew rhubarb & cabbages . You take the man out of Roscommon & all that lark :joy:.


Enjoy this then… He still has it!


Jesus, fair play to him. He had/has an amazing voice.

Loved his cover version of Don’t Leave Me This Way, when he was with The Communards. One of my favs of all time.


This is war, baby, @ProudDub… you left out Tom Robinson!!!
… who has since married a woman and had children with her.


Ah no, I agree with you, the range and variety of music then was brilliant, as you say, everything was mainstream, top of the pops could have Billy Bragg, Iron Maiden and the Bee Gees on the same show and nobody batted an eyelid, whereas now everything looks and sounds the same or doesn’t get in.
As for Sommerville, amazing voice, and at a time when ‘queer bashing’ was still something to be proud of among a certain element across the water, incredibly brave to literally put himself out there as a target for bigots.
But jesus… Agadoo…


It’s gas where Jimmy’s bandmate Richard Coles ended up!


The pulpit?




One of my all time favourites.


Doing his radio show on BBC Radio 4 on Saturdays giving sermons on Sundays.


We’ve a gobshite here without a collar and no music ability who gives sermons after lunch time every day …


He’s onto a nice little earner with his double life. You can’t turn on the likes of QI or Mock The Week without seeing him on the telly box. Britans answer to Fr Brian Darcy I suppose. :grin:


And he’s been signed up for the next series of ‘Strictly’ too by all accounts…


Remember the pools now. Every Friday we’d hand 10p to this fellow at the door. Never heard of anyone winning anything. Might have been an early Falcon production?


Same here. Never heard of anyone winning.

Also had the man from The Royal Liver call every Friday for the insurance subscription.


And then we had Bros…Bottle tops on our shoes, ripped jeans,with white t-shirt and leather biker jacket…


Speak for yourself!!!


We had the fella up the road who’d say to his Ma every Friday ‘Ma, the milkman is here. Have you got the money or will I go out to play …’