70s/80s/90s Nostalgia ... a thing of the past


That’s shocking. Was it just the parking that was so bad there or the standard of driving in general?


Which early house did ye go to Liam?


Parking didn’t seem to be the issue. It was the drivers leaving them there with no intention of coming back to pick them up was the issue!! :bomb:


At 0.57, anybody remember that jingle?


No offence Beeko - but I’m not waiting up until that hour just to answer your question …


I often woke up to that music!


I remember it well Beeks. But feck that, more memorable by far was Maxi, with Late Date, and Drivin Time. :kissing_closed_eyes:


I must respectfully apologise for my previous flippancy good buddy. As a child of that decade its hard to say how I felt about what we were hearing about that stuff. I just remember it was all horrible, terrifying. I still have images of newsreel of bombings, being so young I didn’t distinguish between states etc, it was all somewhere in my land.
I suppose yous somehow had to get immune to it?


For a while in the early 90’s, Maxi did an early morning show before Morning Ireland.
Granted, he’s a langer, but I love John Creedon’s evening show.
The same can be said for Philip King’s The South Wind Blows.


Thank God those scenes are no more Rufus.

But speaking of Armagh in the 70s … :wink:

ps Always felt sorry for poor Tom McCreesh at 28 seconds in clip …


Brilliant first penalty from Moriarty. Tried it the second time around but Cullen read it.
Keaveney’s 2nd goal is brilliant from the moment Bobby Doyle won dirty ball.
Doyle’s goal and Kernan’s 2nd goal weren’t too shabby either.


No need to apologise my friend - we know each other long enough not to worry about things said here in jest! :wink:

There was definitely an element of getting used to it. Those photos were taken by the father of a friend of mine, who was a local photographer. I have to say even I be stunned at some of the images and the scale of the destruction, even though I remember the events taking place!!

The footage at 1:50 shows the aftermath of a car bomb that had gone off in Thomas Street in Armagh. A small part of the car had landed on the roof of the kitchens of St Malachy’s Primary School about seventy yards away and my Dad was able to retrieve it and use it as a show and tell object at the back of the classroom! Always thought it was local history with a difference.


A few Jimmy Keaveney rockets that had devastating impacts!!

Great memories - was sat in the Upper Cusack, on my Dad’s knee, even though I was twelve!!! Health and Safety how are ye!!


Somewhere on quays, then back to Baggot Inn for pool and pints.


Good Lord Rufus, I’d never have had you down for 42. Still, it’s only twice times 21. And as for the knee-sitting, that ol’ upper Cusack was so steep I can remember the one time I was there I had a panic attack and had to be rescued by the mountain rangers!


Creedon’s show is my favourite on radio. His tv stuff is really good too. We had the loan of a friend’s mobile home in Lady’s Island near Rosslare for a few weekends over the past few years, great spot, really out of the way. Every time we’d get down after the long drive in the late evening, throw the bags and the grub inside, throw a couple of chairs outside, and stick on RTE at 8oc. Bliss.

Staying on the 70s/80s theme, I always remember growing up, my best mate’s family from two doors up had a car (we didn’t), and a mobile home near Kilmuckridge. Was very jealous. Deprived…


It must have been an old press seat, because there was some sort of desk top in front of us!! :slight_smile:


Flash git… Adidas Rom runners were the dream in the late…ish 70’s schoolyard. Was finally given a pair of Dunnes stores specials with the 4 stripes, one extra stripe because they were so special was the unconvincing sales pitch from my mother, but I wasn’t alone in wearing them either, so the mental anguish didn’t last beyond their first public appearance.


Well we got Penneys SPEC runners with a yellow stripe. Adidas ROM I had the white ones with the blue stripes. Though I find with all Adidas are narrow as ■■■■ and kill the feet.


Remember plastic sandles from Hector Greys…