58 Killed and 500+ injured in Vegas shooting


… in a nutshell.


Worked with multinational few years back. Got to visit their head office in Texas, real eye opener, all the pick ups in carpark with their gun racks. Worst was there was a gun room next to the reception to ‘ Check in your firearms’, the amount of times I was asked what type of gun I had back home. Always said a spud gun :smiley:


Them buying a gun is the same as us buying a loaf of bread .They’ll never outlaw buying guns as its so natural to them . The NRA is an institution , very difficult is get rid of something like that . It will take someone brave in the political scene to propose a bill or changes as it will probably be political suicide. Pardon the pun , but someone is eventually going to have to bite the bullet & put themselves out there . The massacres are common place. They are desensitized to it .This will be forgotton about in a couple of months .


He bought the guns legally and because he had a clean record didn’t raise any red flags with authorities. This explains it well with facts… http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/10/04/did-las-vegas-shooter-get-arsenal-guns-easily-legally/


Is anyone else growing suspicious as to why information is so slow in getting out about this attack. If he filmed the entire thing surely he made at least one comment as to his motive, Why did it take so long to release the details on the guns used? Its very strange


So after the fake new of illegal guns has been quashed your going straight for the conspiracy theories? :thinking::joy:


It wasn’t fake news, it was no news. It was clear the sound was automatic weapons so clearly people will speculate that that’s what they were and not modified to automatic weapons. Why wasn’t that released the night after the attack?


I watched a similar video (quite possibly the same one) when I started working in corporate hospitality a few months back. My Irish employer here has no link to the US at all. We all sat there, rolling our eyes for about 10 mins. When it was over, we found out that a Kinehan/Hutch shooting took place across the road from our front door, only 2 days before. Some of our security staff were questioned by the Guards, as to what they saw on the day and all of our CCTV footage was taken away. Obviously, nothing that we experience here, is on the same scale as what goes in the States, but we are becoming used to gun crime here, in ways that would have been unthinkable when I was growing up.


Maybe he was just a c**t without a cause?

I wonder why he bothered filming himself at all. It’s not as if he was going to watch it again to relive his moment of glory. He was going to end up being shot by himself or a cop or in a gas chamber.


If anyone has received on whatsapp the pictures of him lying dead on the ground in his room after shooting himself. Take a look at the table, there is a notepad and pen visible. Safe to assume he wrote a note for after he was gone.

Also, who said he was filming the whole thing (I missed that), I thought the cameras he set up were just surveillance cameras so he could see who was approaching the room door?


Even the NRA have come out calling for a review of the modifications he made. Still a smoke screen and deflects from semi automatic rifles but first time I can think of they supported some kind of gun control


Sheriff is saying he thinks the attacker planned to get away. apparently some unarmed security guard is responsible for him being found.


I heard that last night alright, hard to believe he really thought he was going to be able to escape.

Apparently, from all his firing the room filled with smoke and the fire alarms went off, the hotel could see which room the alarm triggered in and sent security up to check it out. As your man had cameras he could see security coming and shot the guard in the leg through the door. Security could then pinpoint to the police exactly what room he was in.


You’d a think if he wanted to get away, he’d have moved location sooner. Standard military tactic.


The right to bare arms is engrained in the American psyche and will not be changed. It is worth noting that many Americans do not trust their government or possible future governments.

They may have a point and any attempt to take their guns away would result in a civil war of epic proportions.

The country is diverse though and the attitude between somewhere like Texas and New York is staggering.

That said New York City is the benchmark in policing while Chicago (also very strict gun laws) is the worst with dozens dead every week in gangland shootings.

A colleague of mine in Chicago is a paid up democratic from a jewish family and couldn’t be further from the confederate gun loving nuts. That said he would not give up his gun for anything…he said if the bad guys have em…I will have one.

America has gone too far to turn back.


What a lovely cuddly right-on term that is, 'the right to bear arms’. Nothing like that nasty old ‘trigger happy’


They have brain dead way of looking at things. Read interview from guy who was at the concert that evening. He said that before the shooting he would have been fervent supporter of gun ownership but afterwards changed his view on basis that having a gun was sod all use in this and other shootings. If he had taken out a gun in self defence the police would have shot him. So what’s the point in owning a gun?

If the US ever took the time to assess whether gun ownership saved or cost lives they would quickly realise that it has lead to 000s of lost lives and saved very few. Crazy, dumb assed way of running a country.


Cases of mass shootings stopped by a civilian with a gun = 0


True but that’s one of the arguments the NRA make for having guns available. That’ll it’ll stop the bad guys shooting innocent people. The NRA are indirectly responsible for the deaths occurring.


I know yea, it’s a terrible line of argument. Look at how many people their cops shoot each year.