58 Killed and 500+ injured in Vegas shooting


what do you mean Obama didn’t do enough for you? Pretty sure he would have signed any gun control measures that Congress would have passed.


Not sure that is true. Did you read this:


I don’t think they were illegal judging by what’s been said. Fully automatic guns are illegal but these seem to have been modified semi automatic guns which are legal but result in a similar rate of fire as an automatic rifle


Well he didn’t get anything done did he? He was the president for 8 years. If he tried as much as he talked about it he could have gotten somewhere on it. 8 years is a long time in politics. Surely there is some room for some concessions from the gun lobbyists if he went hard enough. He got obamacare through that the republicans were staunchly against don’t forget


Getting obamacare through resulted in the Democrats suffering massive losses in 2010 and gave republican control of the house and senate.


Yes but the gun lobby have been throwing around cash long before Trump took acid and decided to be president.


He also has the Supreme Court on his side. They will not support any laws which limit gun control to any real extent.


Yeah it was an unmitigated disaster but he still got it through which was my point. If he really wanted it he could have forced some change on gun control imo


Not now anyway. The republicans refused to appoint a judge for over a year in the hope they would win the presidency. Far more damaging long term from a social aspect than a 4 year trump term


I don’t know, anything I’ve seen so far has said fully automatic but there’s a real lack of info coming out about this scumbag and the events that led up to this massacre


Yeah but vox is very biased. I’ve seen CNN Fox and Dailywire, a good mix of bias there, all say the weapon was illegal over the last few days


Difficult to have achieved two massive victories in 2 years


How much is gun sales to the US economy ?


A bump stock isn’t illegal and appears to have been modified to a few of his guns anyway


No idea but colossal I’d imagine



I work for an American multinational ,cpl months ago we all had to log on to the company website for a tutorial on violence in the workplace ,it was very much geared towards it’s American workforce with the 2 lads presenting it one was even called 'chuck '!! But the last 10 mins of the video was dedicated to having an 'active shooter ’ on the premises and what to do if it ever happened .
In one scene played obviously by actors they are shown hiding in an office while the shooter is moving outside , Chuck then suggests if he enters the office to start throwing things at him ,one of them throws a flower pot at hiim !!
Video ends with SWAT team on the premises !!
After watching it you come to realize that what is absolutely unthinkable over here is normalized in the states .


Even the language used by the US media tries to normalize this savagery.

“Active shooter” = murderous c**t with the sort of firepower reserved for other country’s armies.

“Shooter down” = murderous c**t takes the easy way out instead of hanging by his bollox in jail for the rest of his life. Coward.



On Tuesday, officials offered new information on Paddock and how he planned the attack. An agent with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) said that 47 firearms had now been found in three different locations, including the hotel room, and Verde and Mesquite, Nevada.

Of those weapons, 12 had devices known as bump stocks attached that allowed semi-automatic rifles to mimic fully automatic gunfire. The agent, Jill Snyder, said officials had determined the devices were legal. The weapons – rifles shotguns pistols – were purchased in Nevada, Utah, California and Texas, she said.