58 Killed and 500+ injured in Vegas shooting


Am awful lot of people by the looks of it


The police have said it was fully automatic and all news outlets have said fully automatic weapons were illegal in all states unless you had a federal licence


Republican politicians who have their hand up Trumps ass to be specific.


Thought he used some crazy devise to make the semi automatic assault rifles (legal) shoot like fully automatic weapons. Either way, semi-automatic militarily weaponry being available to civilians is bananas.


Is it hard to get a federal license?


The gun debate has being raging for decades. To my eyes there is a lack of real appetite for change amongst republicans and democrats. I mean the democrats make a lot of noise about it but actions speak louder than words


The overwhelming majority of the American public advocate for stricter gun controls. The Republican congress propped up by the NRA is what is preventing those controls.


I’ve not seen any vote or poll that suggests the overwhelming majority of Americans want tighter gun control but I’ll take your word for it


They’re the only country which allows the public to have this kind of weaponry which is why they have a a factor of 16 times more gun deaths then most 1st world counties. The debate is really that simple. The 2nd amendment is completely outdated at this stage.


I’ve heard it mentioned over the last few days and probably after previous shootings though without ever seeing the actual polls either. I presume it’s true though but the gun lobby is a huge one and can make or break a political career particularly on republican areas



1,500 mass shootings since Sandy hook (5 years ago).

The right to bare arms carries a heavy toll in families torn apart.


There was a very good ad recently whish showed a disgruntled worker attempting to go on a shooting spree in his office with an 18th century musket and showing the type of guns the founders envisioned


you honestly think there is a bi-partisan effort to maintain the status quo?


I think every sane person is in agreement that it’s ridiculous to allow everyone carry guns.


As I said, actions speak louder than words. Obama talked a good game on this issue but didn’t do enough for me. Democrats have a habit of doing this and then blaming congress for not getting it through.


Oh I agree but I don’t see how a group such as the NRA is so powerful unless it has huge public suppor. I’ve heard a lot of people say the majority want tighter control I’ve just never seen any poll’s that suggest this


Im not even sure the 2nd amendment is the problem, surely the founding fathers just meant that the country can defend itself from threats in the form of an army.
Its the interpretation of the 2nd amendment that is the problem. Some believe the founding fathers meant that every civilian had the right to a gun…


We are talking US here … not a huge amount of sanity about. They are very into their ‘amendments’ … if killing students and toddlers didn’t change things then 60 people at a C&W gig won’t either …


Especially since the guns involved were illegal to begin with. Yeah the Americans are obsessed with the constitution. Very odd