58 Killed and 500+ injured in Vegas shooting


“I generally oppose gun control, but I support the ban on assault weapons and I support a slightly longer waiting period to purchase a gun,” wrote Donald Trump in his 2000 book, The America We Deserve.

“If crooked Hillary got elected… you be handing in your rifles,” said the same man at a rally in Alabama last month.

The NRA spent $30m supporting Trump’s Presidential campaign.


The most depressing aspect is that there is no way forward.

When half the country is willing to shrug their shoulders and say this is a consequence of the 2nd amendment and they are happy to live with the status quo then what are you supposed to do.

How can you have a debate with someone who thinks an armed society is fine and the risks are acceptable.

How anybody could vote republican / conservative is beyond my comprehension.


I had a conversation with a yank I know after sandy hook massacre. He ( a reasonably sane and well travelled yank)said the problem was that the teachers did nt have a handgun under the desk to protect themselves and the kids. That was the moment I realised America was completely fucked.


No. There were some restrictions on automatic weapons, but they lapsed under Bush II. Republicans more or less refuse to allow further laws restricting such weapons to come up for debate in congress.

Sure even blind people are allowed own them. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2013/09/08/iowa-grants-gun-permits-to-the-blind/2780303/


It appears the ownership of automatic weapons in America is illegal unless you have a federal licence. I agree that guns should be illegal but i don’t think it would have prevented this particular attack. He didn’t walk into a Wal-Mart and then head for Mandalay Bay like.

There’s always people on both sides of the coin that turn these tragic events into arguments for their own agendas. They are thoroughly disgusting people.


No law is going to completely eliminate gun crime, but a lot more could be done to mitigate the risk.

The first law this Republican congress passed when Trump was elected was to remove restrictions on people with mental health issues buying guns.
The argument was that these peoples constitutional rights should not be infringed upon, i mean ffs!


Agree totally with that. As I’ve said previously you should not be allowed own a gun anywhere imo. My only problem is with the people spreading misinformation about this act to further their own agendas. That goes for both sides. And I include people on our side of the pond too. There was as many people hoping this fella was a muslim as there was hoping he was a trump supporter. Disgusting behaviour by morally corrupt people


In fairness, this allowed Trump himself to legally own a gun.


Apologies you are correct. But i think the point applies to semi automatic weapons too which I believe are easily procured.


Depends on the state. I’m told they are legal in Nevada.


I don’t see anything disgusting with arguing that tragic events like this are, if not preventable, could be reduced hugely with civilized gun control laws. You know, like the rest of the developed world.

This arm the teachers atguwment is just mad. Like nothing could go wrong with a firearm in every classroom. Is there one example of an armed civilian ending one of these shooting sprees?

They have a mass shooting (4 or more people shot dead) almost every day of the year over there. The acceptabnce of this as the price of freedom is bananas.


You clearly havent seen the tweets i have so. Not even going to give them airtime by sharing them to be honest. But people like Hilary Clinton. Her tweet was a disgrace. It was also nonsensical and idiotic too. Yeah cause silencers are the problem.

Fact of the matter is the guns used in this attack were illegal so it’s pointless even using this as a case study for political goals. All this is coming from someone who thinks they should all be illegal.

In a bizzare turn of events the only one who has said anything constructive about this is Trump himself. Everyone else is just finger pointing. People are blaiming Trump, Republicans, KKK, NRA, ANTIFA, Muslims, Democrats, country and western music. It’s all nonsense.

Some scumbag terrorist illegally obtained and illegal weapon and murdered 59 innocent people. That’s what happened. Nobodies fault but the prick who done it


Btw i entirely agree with your comments about arming teachers. America has a lot of issues


He’d have had a job amassing that arsenal (40 guns) in any other country. America is the only country where these shooting sprees happen all the time. Something to do with easy access to guns?


No doubting there’s easy access to guns which is ridiculous. But not the type of guns used in that attack. All im saying is the law does need to change. But no law change would have prevented this unfortunately


are you sure they were illegal? haven’t heard that anywhere else. you see those militia lads going around with assault rifles regularly.


He got them legally that’s the point


Also disagree completely that Trump is sensible on all of this - he comes across as someone guilty who doesn’t want to answer questions and would prefer if the news would go away -Pathetic really


And who exactly do you think is preventing the laws from being changed?


Politicans who are afraid of a group of people that may or may not be a vocal minority.