58 Killed and 500+ injured in Vegas shooting


64 year old man , would really make you think what these people do be thinking .

As has already been said the US gun laws are too loose and awful stuff like this will continue to happen unless gun laws are tightened up .

Heart goes out to all the families affected.


Not thinking. Clearly totally insane.



What the actual ■■■■ :nauseated_face:


Death toll has now risen to 58. 515 injured


Always happens. Stock market speculators banking on fear of new gun restrictions leading to spike in gun sales.


He had 10 guns in his room


FBI have ruled out any international terrorism link. As suspected IS just shit stirring


It’s obscene. That country is fucked.




Gutarist for the act that was on stage last changes his mind on gun control in the aftermath


O’Reilly is a nasty piece of shit


Here’s hoping O’ Reilly gets to be very free real soon.


Gov. Of Kentucky

Arsehole of the highest order.



There are videos on YouTube of morons freely walking about their neighbourhoods in America with automatic weapons ‘exercising their rights’ while the cops can literally do nothing about it. You have parents ringing the police saying my kids are out playing beside a man with a machine gun and this is allowed. Crazy country.

I can understand a remote farmer having a rifle to protect his family against wolves and bears, I can even see logic in the private citizen having a sidearm to protect their home in a dangerous country.

But I see no reason whatsoever of how someone could justify the need for an automatic weapon in an urban area.


And the amount of shootings that happen accidentally such as a kid lifting a gun out of her Mothers handbag and shooting it accidentally. Could you imagine carrying a loaded gun around and the potential dangers.



He’s not wrong


Are automatic weapons not illegal in America?