58 Killed and 500+ injured in Vegas shooting


But guns aren’t an issue. .


The world is very sick at the moment. Very sick indeed.


Litterally any other country you would see a major clampdown on who has access to guns. Absolutely mental anyone can buy and carry around an automatic rifle with unlimited amount of ammunition


Nevada has drive through gun shops. You don’t even need to get out of your car to buy a gun. That tells you all you need to know about the states gun laws. Just like everything else in Nevada…anything goes really. Given that, am surprised this kind of thing doesn’t happen there more often. :roll_eyes:


Texas goes one better


You’re a year late boss. I posted that picture already.

In another thread.

About another shooting…somewhere else…forget where now…

It’s like I (we?) have mass massacre fatigue to a degree.


some people were very quick to say it was a muslim attacker, ignoring the fact that the vast majority of attacks in the usa are carried out by far-right terrorists.


50 now dead


Over 50 confirmed dead now. 200 injures. I’d say the death toll will be revised considerably upwards too. Jesus wept


Let’s see how the orange shitgibbon respods to this


Trump won’t describe them as terrorists immediately. They’ll be far-right nationalists or something similar but white people can’t be terrorists in his mind


One of the only times I’d agree with Morgan


TBH shouting get down at a Nevada country music festival wasn’t going to be much of a help.


Worst mass shooting in US history


Another record for trump. He has the best mass shootings.


“Warmest Condolences” For ■■■■ sake…





ISIS claiming responsibility :hushed:

fucking chancers.


I’d be surprised. More likely IS are shit stirring to rile up the far right