2026 World Cup host bidding


As expected a joint bid from the US, Canada and Mexico. With Donald apparently very happy that Mexico is on board.

60 games in the US (incl the final, both semis and 3 QF’s), 10 Games in Canada and 10 games in Mexico.

Hard to see anyone else bidding for this bar an Australian/NZ joint bid.


2026 , two years if he gets another term to correct all the damage Trump will have done . I shudder to think what the world will be like then , if he hasn’t pressed the big button on the nukes by then …


Kerry will be 157 games unbeaten


48 teams in next World Cup … pure greed. Can this money driven saturation kill the goose that lays the golden egg?


Some spin from Mexico to Canada if you had to play in both venues!


Ah the green army will love it, hitch-hiking a bicycle for 8 lads with just a home-made tent for cover, lost looking for Little House on the Prairie. “That John Denver’s full of shit, Rocky Mtn High my arse!” The videos of singing to grannies and nuns at Niagara Falls, and the Rio(Ferdi)Grande will be legend. Kicking a beachball over the border wall, pissing into the Grand Canyon, dressed as leprechauns in the ancient Aztec ruins, chanting at a gay couple in a cave, “Are you Butch+Sundance in disguise?”, “give’s a pint of tequila bar hombre”, thousands of sombrero faces on the news when we get knocked out…


Wrong thread and sport :wink:


I got too excited!! :joy::joy::joy:


…and you just couldn’t hide it…