2019 NHL1B Round 4; Dublin v Waterford, Sunday February 24th, Parnell Park, 2pm


Lazy RTE website shows Waterford in 2nd place in the table, ahead of Dublin - I presume on points difference.
So long as we beat Laois, I don’t think there’s any way we can finish worse than 2nd, which, for me, is a very good league given how we were 18 months ago.


RTE are fairly crap at the league table stuff. Their radio show on the final Sunday in the league is embarrassing for the amount of stuff they get wrong re promotion / relegation.

Yes, second is worst cast (if we beat Laois) and first possible if Waterford beat Galway.


In he same boat … training the young lads team yesterday morning croker yesterday evening … out for a match again with the young lad at 10 this morning insay if I even attempted to head to Parnell there would have been a suitcase at the front door :joy::joy::joy: Jesus I should have gone


Lots of folk sitting near me in stand today complaining (So not my imagination) But PA system in Parnell Pk. is a disgrace! Very difficult to hear the announcements properly. Clearly needs a revamp. Anybody on here with got a contact with the Suits the run the show? Don’t think they actually realise there is a problem with it. Very frustrating when announcing substitutions etc.


Yeah, brilliant atmosphere. Went right down to the wire - a bit like the Kilkenny game last year only this one ended on a high!


Totally agree. Before the game started they announced changes to the programme and you couldn’t hear a word they were trying to say. Very frustrating.


Depends where you are, some places it’s very clear. I think a few small tweaks could sort it out so it’s good everywhere.


The usual level of insight into 1B on the Sunday Game.


Yeah didnt make it today, disappointed no coverage on rte highlight show. May be on TG4 Monday evening, hopefully…


Fair enough! But I was sitting on halfway line and halfway up in the stand! One would think that should be a prime location for receiving good quality sound! No doubt it only needs a tweak in system. However I wont hold my breath on that happening!


Robbed last year and nearly robbed again today
.was behind the goal and it was a free out.Ref ran at least from 100 mtrs to award penalty even before he consulted.He also played behind additional time.Very irate supporters and i was one of them.


I think the consultation was as a result of verbal’s by O Connell with umpire! I agree he was a fare bit behind the play! Not 100 meters though! he made a few strange calls against both sides and in particular when playing advantage! Once or twice both teams came away with a ball after being fouled. He signalled advantage and then called the player back when he was clear and going forward with the ball! Strange stuff alright.


God only knows what would have happened if the peno was scored.Even after the save many around me were livid.I counted 3 persons having a word with the ref …way too close for comfort but I could understand them as it was a decision that was akin to cheating.


I assume you mean the forward was conning the referee? He can only call it as he sees it! In fairness my first instinct was penalty! But not saying there was no foul by the forward first. Just I didn’t see it clearly enough from my angle! If we are to depend on umpires to see such things then we might be left waiting! Sometimes these things go for you! And sometimes they go against you!


Another positive today was the return of Paul Ryan to the bench in one of those late changes in place of McGibb.
it would be great to see him get some game time alongside Sutcliffe & Co for a while against Laois next Sunday…


I don’t understand them to be honest. Even if the ref did make a mistake, there is no need for abuse. People need to get over themselves.


That’s the thing really about decisions. People assume just because they didn’t see it, it didn’t happen. Countless times I was sure a ref was wrong only to see he was correct when I see it on TV.


Laois game could be a dead rubber, as carlow are playing Offaly and will probably beat them and laois even if they beat us would be in bottom two anyway. They may use opportunity to rest/try out players and then take on Offaly in relegation play off.

In reality Matty Kenny may use the game to introduce squad players aswell as well finish 3rd at minimum but hopefully 2nd.


Or first, if Waterford beat Galway


Couldn’t agree more , passion me arse , big fan me arse , players ,family’s travel the length and breadth of the country in all weather and conditions and take everything on the chin understanding some days it goes with you other days you are the victim, fans should try showing the class and restraint that players show