2019 NHL1B Round 4; Dublin v Waterford, Sunday February 24th, Parnell Park, 2pm


Matches played at 3 or 4 today obviously has an effect,tough enough making matches like today when there’s club matches on at 12


I assumed it was for what he said to the umpire?


In response to wifi…Gray started in midfield with O’Connell playing corner back throughout.
I suspect that O’Connell may have responded to Ryan’s pull down maneouvre and whether that was a physical or verbal reaction, it may have caused his dismissal.
The ref showed a yellow to someone in the area at first and then saw a red shown to O’Connell - I hadn’t noted a yellow on him during the game. Waterford had five yellows and think ours went to Crummey, Barrett, McBride and Conway?
He may have got the red in response to subsequent verbals for a yellow that he felt was unearned, but there was a delay between the two cards and no yellow flashed just before the red…will check it out later!


I suspect so.

Another issue was Sean Treacy. Looked concussed as he went off. Poleaxed and not even a free, never mind a card.


That was championship type stuff today, or close enough anyway that I couldn’t tell the difference.


I appreciate that argument about having club games listed at same time as inter county games! Can’t help the situation. But even on days when there is no clash of fixtures our support is dreadful! One thing for sure! Parnell Pk will never be closed down by Health and Safety for over crowding! There were signs of improvement in numbers during Daly’s time. But that was coupled with success in wining NHL and a Leinster championship.


If it wasn’t for the Waterford crowd today, I don’t think we would have had 1000 people. We have very little, if any, casual type support. I mean people who come along for the entertainment and to support where they are from. The majority of the football support is probably like that. Most people at Dublin hurling games have been involved at some stage in the game. But we do actually need the more ‘event’ type support to swell the numbers.

Daly’s time did show there is a sort of latent support out there, but I dont know how to mobilize them short of winning stuff.


Think I read somewhere that there was only 1600 at Carlow game in Parnell Pk a few weeks ago! Thought new manager in place might have drew in a few curious on lookers! But it was not to be!


Doesn’t help that there were lots of league games on this morning, I was at juvenile matches Saturday morning, croker in the evening and out again this morning at club hurling match, if i went to Parnell this afternoon it would have been all picture and no sound.


The GAA is in acute denial about hurling. It is our native game, over 3,000 years old, and played properly in one third of the counties in Ireland. It is never marketed. It is never spoken about as being at risk. The top brass just waffle away and hope that things will change.


All picture and no sound…sounds like Bliss.


He did get a straight red. It was for the guff he gave the umpire. Was a disgraceful penalty decision.


They were more Dubs there than Waterford supporters!


He was out around the middle.


There must have been I guess. But I was standing opposite the stand and it seemed to be majority Waterford.


Not too sure about that!
Thought Waterford had more support there.


Fair enough. It was all Dubs around us in the stand bar one Waterford family as far as I could see. Anyhow the Dubs that were there loved it! A super win. Great roars for the Rushe goal, an O’Rourke point near the end, and also Nolan’s peno save.


On Rushe - that was the display we have all been waiting for. .With the ball in hand he terrifies the opposition.

I do think he could be worked with on positioning under a high ball (I think he can hold his ground more and come onto the ball), and his mobility is still a bit weird - but he was super today.

As was Hedgo actually. I think both will improve too as they settle into spring / summer training for the championship.


They should alternate weekends, inter county fixtures are released well in advance of club.
If there’s hurling down for Sun afternoon there should be club football on.


Dubling hurling like dublin camogie needs to reach at least a all ireland final to get the support it deserves.rushe maybe effective sometimes in parnell pk but taken to a bigger pitch he will be ineffectual IMO.