2019 NHL1B Round 4; Dublin v Waterford, Sunday February 24th, Parnell Park, 2pm


Who was abusing the ref?


There was a lot of shouting as he was coming off the pitch as people were walking out.


Danny was a class apart today,his kick to set up o rourke at the end I think it was him was genius

Hopefully he can continue and it is what he needed,his best performance for me in a Dublin jersey since he’s come back


Massively positive stuff and sets us up for the quarters…players still to come in to


Was at the game today and really enjoyed it. I did not hold out much hope for a win after last weeks performance but in fairness they really turned it around. As mentioned already, Dillon, Hedgo and Rushe did well but Danny and Oisin were outstanding. I think Oisin scores 8 from frees and 2 from play? He only missed 1 free. Someone mention the full back line being poor but I thought Paddy Smyth was really good and made a brilliant save on the line after it had gotten past Nolan. I also thought Eoghan O Donnell got a few vital touches - it was Moran who was caught out for one of the goals. Crummey caught a huge amount of ball today and also scored 2 long range points.
Overall, very encouraging.


If Waterford beat Galway, and we beat Laois. We finish on top I think?


Would it a 3 way tie and points diff?


Some very good points there @Boss

The 4 goals look bad on everyone in the full back like but paddy smyth was good,pitch didn’t help defenders on both sides with the slipping

O connell was the weakest in the full back line for me,wasn’t comfortable at all from his body language especially in the first half

Crummey upped his game today especially in the first half which is a plus

As for the forwards o rourke trollier sutcliffe were extremely good as was rushe,the goal came from intense tackling by the forwards on the Waterford backs, no slick moves fancy passes just pure work rate and that was the difference at the end


Because of Carlow draw with Galway, it wouldn’t be. Just us and Waterford on top and head to head would decide it. Waterford at home for Galway match too.


Very impressed with that performance! Looked for intensity and honest effort after last week. We got it in bucket loads today! And the win was a bonus in the end. Fair play to Nolan for keeping his nerve for the penalty. Especially after his blunder for the first goal! Cracking athmosphre in there today. Helped by a very vocal and large Waterford following! Going forward Kenny has lots to work on defensively. Can’t be conceding that many goals and expect to get away with it again.


Really enjoyed the game - we pretty much gave them two goals and still won in the end.
Danny was outstanding and Trollier also had four points from play. O’Rorke in for Burke looked like it worked very well, but the switch of O’Connell and Gray didn’t, with the latter looking lost and taken off shortly after Barrett who was struggling a little.
Poor Sean Treacy went off injured shortly after coming on, but Whitely did well off the bench which is where he might be most effective.
Some very good defence at times in spite of letting in four goals and Paddy Smyth’s goalline clearance was a highlight.

Officiating was poor alright. One of the Waterford goals came from a great sideline cut delvery in front of us but it was clearly kicked out by Waterford defender after Hedgo had played it. My Waterford neighbbours confirmed this and that Tommy Ryan had put O’Connell to the ground before the final ball came in and not the other way around, which was how the penalty came about…didn’t see if O’Connell responded then…
Hope we can kick on now against Laois and win without stoppage time nerves!


Wearing a blue shirt in a built up area


With regards the sending off! Thought referee gave a straight red? Didn’t see a 2nd yellow but I may be wrong!


I hate being outnumbered for home games though. I wish we could get a few more out.


Sorry yeh forgot the carlow draw


Need to be getting to an All Ireland final before that happens WiFi :smiling_imp:


Where did Gray actually play? Some of the full back line errors I was attributing to Gray - but it might have been O Connell in hindsight?


When people say you can’t watch football after hurling I don’t think they’re far wrong,the Galway Kerry game is deferred on TG4 but it was a savage game of hurling today


Full round of club fixtures on at the exact same time as the match. Keeps a lot of people from going. Im raging I wasn’t there.


I think you could be right about O Connell being brought to the ground first and it should have been a free out. I clearly saw O Connell go up to the umpire on the right hand side and had serious verbals with him. The ref then consults with the same umpire, goes straight out to O Connell and produces a straight red. I do not think O Connell was on a yellow at that stage ?