2019 NHL1B Round 4; Dublin v Waterford, Sunday February 24th, Parnell Park, 2pm



Great win


Massive result and performance

Scoring 1-26 you won’t lose too many games but can’t be conceding 4 goals either.


Well done Alan Nolan. A good win and an important one.


Alan Nolan enough said


Great win. FOUR goals? Always risky playing without a keeper !


Brilliant stuff, would have been at the game last night and this only for a bout of flu (and massive attack tonight), But that has cheered me up no end. Most significant win for Kenny so far, expected us to kick on after fitzgibbon out of the way, 1-26 is great scoring!


Great win


What was penalty for?


This sounds like a mental afternoon. Great result but getting poured through for goals like that…will be good to hear the breakdown on those.


This should see us finish top 2 now which is great.



If you’d said before hand that it’d Be 4 goals to 1, i’d Have expected us to be on the receiving end of a beating.


I missed the match due to work but if I was there, would have needed the defibrillator! A great win. I hope highlights will be on TG4.


Absolutely brilliant game of hurling that was,savage scoring from us 1 26 I think it was

Super stuff from Nolan at the end,spilled the ball from a free for the first goal then wins it like that

Haven’t had a win like that in 2 years I’d say,maybe the cork game down there being the last time we bet a big team? Maybe wrong there

Wouldn’t get too carried away but I’d take confidence from that game.We wanted a performance,intensity and work rate today and we got all 3,the win was a bonus and it would’ve been a sickener to lose after that

Could finish top of 1b which we have to take belief into championship from but a long road to go yet


Dose of the flu myself. Following here so can’t add anything. Great result for morale if nothing else. Might keep the doom away for a week or two but i doubt it !


Agree with all that. Savage stuff from Dublin.

Rushe came good too which is a huge bonus. As did Hedgo. I was concerned about Hedgo after last week if he had the belief against the big teams, but today will show him he is well able for it, because he is.

Oisín O Rourke was my man of the match possibly. He got out and front and grabbed low ball like Dotsy used to do. Superb on the frees too. But all of the forwards were good. Dillon scared them every time he was on the ball.

It’s a bit simplistic to say the full back line weren’t great when we give four goals away. But I thought they were relatively good handling the Waterford full forward line. They made some strange decisions on the ball though I thought. We missed O Callaghan in there too.

McBride is a master at coming out of rucks with the ball and then finding a man with it. Danny is just superb. For me, he is the best all round player in the country. There are guys that will score more etc. but he has the best all round game imo.


Some absolutely off the wall officiating could have ended in a very nasty incident after the game. Even though we won there was a lot of abuse given to the ref as he walked off. The umpire crew at the church end were very poor. Gave Waterford a point that was a mile wide and then seemed to call the ref to give the penalty from what I could see. A lot of very soft frees given to both sides and you could see players on both teams getting very frustrated with some of the frees being given.

Beyond that Dillon and O’Rourke were class while Danny was at a level we haven’t seen for years. Hedgo also put in a fair shift. And while Nolan was the hero at the end he is really beginning to struggle imho. He cannot hit his man cleanly with short puck outs and it cost us a few scores today. The ball spilled into the net was poor. He was under no pressure really. Full back line was also very shaky.

Still, a great win with plenty of positives to be taken. We scored a lot but we need to tighten up at the back.

And what the GAA are going to do about officiating I have no idea. They don’t seem to want to even accept there’s an issue. But there is.


That is more goals given away today then in all the league games to date plus all of last years championship (I think). It’s just not like us to leak goals. One was just unfortunate, Nolan made a slight error. Two were maybe our backs lacking a bit of caution and one was excellent from Waterford.

But in a way they were a positive sign. To paraphrase Ger Loughnane there was no sign of the constipated hurling of last week. Dublin drove at the ball and hurled with a bit of abandon.


The time of officiating should have no impact on possible nasty incidents or abuse to the ref after the game. The two shouldn’t be linked - if people want to abuse the ref they are just being assholes - they can’t use decisions he made as an excuse to abuse anyone. People need to grow up a bit.