2019 NHL1B Round 4; Dublin v Waterford, Sunday February 24th, Parnell Park, 2pm



Leaking dreadful goals. 3.1 to 0.7.


Playing all the hurling by a he sounds of it


Hon Hedgo


All over them. Great intensity. Danny playing great. Goals hurt but maybe not fatal. Up by two at half time. 0.14 to 3.3.



What happened with the 2nd and 3rd goals ? Was it down to bad defending or good forward play ?


This is great stuff, real intensity. Serious skill too. Highwire sort of stuff as we have no cover at the back. But it is 14 scores to 6 which is a truer reflection.

I don’t actually care what happens now. If they have that performance for 35 min in them in February, they will be grand in May.

There is more to O Rourke then I thought. He might be a real possibility…


I think both were a case of a Dublin back being out first and missing the ball and Waterford getting in behind.But I think that’s the price you pay for the man to man stuff and the focus on getting to the ball first.


Great to see Danny flying, involved in a lot of our scoring chances.


Cheers, that can happen to the best of defenders…


Daragh o Connell is not a full back but overall we’ve got the performance side of things right just leaking goals
Some great point shooting from us hopefully more defensively sound in the second half


Great that we’re going man v man against a team as good as Waterford!


First was Nolan letting the ball drop. Second was a good goal. Third was a lazy effort by O’Donnell to pick the ball at ankle height. Went straight through his hand and was dispatched to the net.

Up by two with eight gone. There to be won but have to cut out mistakes.

Edit. Goal Dublin. Have to win this now.


Goal Rushe!


Two scores on the trot for Waterford


Disgraceful decision to award Waterford a point there. Two feet wide.


Suicidal short puck outs will be the end of us.



Officiating gone to the dogs. Level after sixteen minutes.